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Will Trump Voters in Iowa Balk?

Just a few days ago, Bryan Moon didn't need to go candidate shopping.  Read more

Is Donald Trump good for GOP’s future? RAP writers debate [POLL]

At Red Alert Politics, we welcome a diversity of views, even among our staff. On the issue of Donald Trump’s impact on the Republican Party, we couldn’t be more divided.  Read more

Trump: Other candidates want to skip debate, join my event

Donald Trump bragged Thursday morning that two other candidates have asked if they can join his veterans benefit event, which Trump will host Thursday night instead of going to the seventh GOP debate in Iowa.  Read more

House lawsuit could doom Obamacare: Report

Some Obamacare enrollees may pay an extra $1,040 if the House's lawsuit against Obamacare succeeds in stripping funding for the law's cost-sharing reductions, a new analysis finds.  Read more

'Jumpers’ Study: Millennials change jobs until employers invest in them

The economy of the 21st century does not trade high on company loyalty.  Read more

Is Hillary's biggest problem Sanders or servers?

Hillary Clinton's path to victory in Iowa is cluttered by the dueling problems of her email scandal and the excitement building behind her chief rival, both of which may threaten the outcome of a contest Clinton was once heavily favored to win.  Read more

Fox debate: Trump polls Twitter followers, 60% say he shouldn’t wuss out

Donald Trump claims he will skip the debate Thursday on Fox News — all because he is afraid to face Fox News anchor and debate moderator Megyn Kelly.  Read more

Jeb Bush's Solipsistic Campaign

It's worth taking a step back and examining the bigger picture, to ask: what exactly is Team Bush up to?  Read more

Clinton's paid speech problem goes beyond Goldman Sachs

Hillary Clinton's paid speeches to Goldman Sachs have become a liability on the campaign trail, with her chief rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, using them to illustrate her close ties to Wall Street.  Read more

'Toddler wage gap': Sandberg says inequality starts with kids’ chores

Feminists in the workplace just keep finding new issues to harp on.  Read more

Taxpayers to IRS: Fix the debt yourself

Suddenly, U.S. taxpayers don't seem to be in such a giving mood anymore.  Read more

American Dream to own a home is dead for many Millennials

Millennials who want to purchase a house are locked out of coastal markets, and that’s a harmful long-term trend for economic growth.  Read more

How Jeb Cleared the Way for Trump

This was no accident. It was the plan.  Read more

Millennials dislike Hillary: Not even Obama’s youth director, Buzzfeed staff can reverse it

Much has been written about Hillary’s struggles with millennials.  Read more

The Nominee We Deserve?

Do Republicans deserve to lose? Consider the state of play as we write this in late January, just days from the first GOP nominating contests.  Read more

Why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are surging

Nikki Haley was picked to respond to President Obama's State of the Union Address, and she used the opportunity to scold Donald Trump.  Read more

Millennials for Marco vs. Students for Rand

With only a few weeks to go until the first caucuses and primaries of the 2016 election, two GOP campaigns are battling for the youth vote.  Read more

Rick Perry endorses Ted Cruz

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president.  Read more