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Stranger than Fiction

Hollywood Gets Benghazi Right  Read more

Mentor was a segregationist: Bill Clinton now says he likes #BlackLivesMatter

Former President Bill Clinton was at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, one of states with the fewest minorities in the union, where he pronounced his support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  Read more

Armed guards protect anti-gun celebrities at Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globes were held on Sunday and the award show was filled with celebrities spending countless hours praising each other.  Read more

Why Cruz, Rubio and Paul should gang up on Trump

Conservatives were happy when three freshman senators who defeated establishment candidates in Republican primaries —Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul — announced for president last year.  Read more

You Snooze, She Wins

That's what Hillary is hoping.  Read more

McConnell and Ryan: Two different paths to November

Republicans enter the 2016 election year with unified control of Congress, but the stark contrast in the styles of House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is likely to push the two legislative bodies down different paths.  Read more

After abortion scene, ‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington awarded ‘Woman of the Year’

This year the Hasty Pudding Institute has selected Scandal star Kerry Washington as their “Woman of the Year.”  Read more

Millennial advice to GOP: “Political agenda affects a human heart.”

Chelsea Patterson is a conservative millennial, but she can also understand why the conservative movement hasn’t been able to successfully reach out to her age group.  Read more

State dumps thousands of Clinton emails at 1 a.m.

State Department officials released roughly 2,900 pages of Hillary Clinton's private emails early Friday morning, several hours past their target of late Thursday evening.  Read more

Thank You, Donald

It would be ungracious not to acknowledge Trump's remarkable standing in the polls six months later.  Read more

GOP moves to phase 2 on Obamacare: A replacement plan

Now that the GOP has succeeded in its long-standing goal of repealing Obamacare in Congress, they are pledging to finally confront the difficult task of producing a Republican-backed replacement.  Read more

Bill Clinton rape victim tweets Hillary supports rape culture, liberals attack victim

Hillary Clinton may have said thats she believes all survivors of sexual assault deserve “to be heard, believed, and supported,” but Juanita Broaddrick alleged that the former first lady tried to silence her after she was raped by Bill Clinton.  Read more

Would running against Bill Clinton's sex life work?

You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. And your husband has the right to remain silent.  Read more

Why do young people like Bernie Sanders? He says ‘Climate change,’ ‘racism’

It’s no secret that the Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president enjoys the support of many young people.  Read more

Clinton Pivots to the General

But will voter apathy be her undoing?  Read more

Media bungle Obama's gun control move

Journalists covering President Obama's executive actions on firearms this week revealed their ignorance of existing gun laws, as many incorrectly reported that dealers have been using gun shows and the Internet to legally evade federal standards on background checks.  Read more

Rand Paul’s plan to win Iowa caucuses: Support from 10,000 college students

There is one candidate hoping to take advantage of the increased student turnout: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  Read more

Congress' reaction to Obama's gun move may be silence

Congress may react to President Obama's plans to curb gun violence by doing exactly nothing, in large part because Obama's action didn't do anything to change existing law, making it unclear what Congress should do in return.  Read more