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Study on Tuition Hikes: Biggest driver is federal subsidies

A new economics paper has found that state and federal subsidies for higher education, designed to make college cheaper and more accessible, have driven tuition increases.  Read more

Marco Rubio's opponents treating him like the front-runner

Everyone who is anyone in the 2016 presidential race is attacking Marco Rubio.  Read more

3 Reasons Lindsey Graham Dropping Out Matters

Lindsey Graham may have been approaching zero in the polls when he bowed out of the race for the Republican nomination Monday, but his exit, and the aftermath, are noteworthy for a few reasons.  Read more

Half of U.S. voters 'embarrassed' by Trump in the White House

Donald Trump continues to lead nationally among GOP voters with 41 days until voting commences in Iowa, but the candidate faces a real hurdle with both the national electorate and Republican primary voters.  Read more

No Matter Who Wins the GOP Nomination, Hillary's Going to Have a Fight On Her Hands

Tuesday's debate wasn't boring, exactly.  Read more

Latino Vote Strategy: Clinton, Sanders hire illegal immigrants

Democrats are desperate to try and keep the winning Obama coalition (millennials, Hispanics, and women) together for Hillary Clinton.  Read more

Silence: Rubio is only candidate with a college affordability plan

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have made higher education a large part of their campaign, but Republican candidates have lagged behind in presenting an alternative policy approach.  Read more

Obamacare Alternative: A Growing Consensus and Emerging Debate

Ten prominent policy experts have released a new Obamacare alternative published by the American Enterprise Institute.  Read more

Ted Cruz puts campus protesters in their place

As the Hill noted, Sen. Ted Cruz has “rip[ped] student protesters.”  Read more

Clash of Generations

The cultural contradictions of Islam in America  Read more

Lindsey Graham is dropping out

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is dropping out of the 2016 presidential race.  Read more

Polls: Hillary’s desperate attempts to win Millennial aren’t working

She’s not a regular politician, she’s a cool politician, or so her campaign wants us to think.  Read more

EPA fraudster's biofuel booty hits the auction block

The fraud scandal unfolded in the early part of the decade and is widely considered a black mark on the EPA Renewable Fuel Standard program, or RFS.  Read more

7-in-10 college students think #BlackLivesMatter is anti-police

New polling data released by the Young America’s Foundation, indicates how students really feel about the Black Lives Matter movement, along with several other key issues.  Read more

DNC Accidentally Schedules Debate On Busy Weekend

Unfortunately for the Democratic National Committee and its chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this Saturday's Democratic presidential debate seems to conflict with some other events that are likely to prevent many people from watching.  Read more

Obama’s ‘Free’ College Program: Study shows massive costs for states, taxpayers

A new study estimates that President Obama’s $60 billion initiative for free community college could cost states about $4 billion combined.  Read more

NH poll: Christie, Bush rise as Trump leads big

A new poll shows that while Donald Trump continues to lead in New Hampshire, several Republicans have gained steam and have double-digit levels of support.  Read more

What Cruz said about legalizing illegal immigrants in 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz has spent hours since the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas defending his position on immigration.  Read more