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Slackers: Poll reveals which generation worked least during Holidays

If you didn’t feel very productive during holiday office hours, you’re not the only one.  Read more

The dirt on the EPA's new clean energy credits

The Environmental Protection Agency's latest brainchild to help states make the switch from fossil fuels to more solar and wind may be too costly to be of any benefit to states.  Read more

Trump: Hillary 'Caused Tremendous Death'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, of causing "tremendous death."  Read more

The state of Obama's promises

On Jan. 12, President Obama will stride to the podium in the Capitol and give his final State of the Union address.  Read more

The Future: 10 of 14 youngest state legislators are Republican

According to a report by Stateline released on December 23, state legislatures are now older than their constituents and the nation’s largest generation is almost completely shut out of the governing process.  Read more

Black Student Alliance tells American University to “stop pushing diversity”

A number of multicultural student groups at American University are protesting the administration’s handling of race-related incidents. Students are concerned about racist social media posts and Islamaphobic posters recently seen on campus.  Read more

Gleanings & Observations

Politicians, or at least some, can't imagine life without the trappings of office.  Read more

A millennial’s guide to Bill Clinton’s 20+ sex scandals

The feud between Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton hit a boiling point over the weekend when the former first lady accused the billionaire of sexism.  Read more

The Obama economy has grown slowly, and it's no coincidence

Why has the recovery, which began in June 2009, been such a sad, slow slog for workers?  Read more

Feds will ring in 2016 buried in debt of $58,000 per person

Federal debt increased by nearly $700 billion this year, according to the Treasury Department, reaching a record of $18.8 trillion or $58,000 per person.  Read more

The 15 biggest scandals of 2015

In a year marked by private email shenanigans and undercover videos, political scandals that might have shocked the public any other time seemed relatively tame.  Read more

Would Trump doom Toomey, Pa. GOP?

Donald Trump has already left his mark on the 2016 presidential primaries even before the first vote has been cast.  Read more

Federal Court Rules Utah Can Cut Off Funds to Planned Parenthood

A federal judge has ruled that the state of Utah can cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, reversing an earlier decision requiring the state to keep funding the abortion provider.  Read more

Millennial Elected Officials: Why so few?

A new survey from Pew’s Stateline and the National Conference of State Legislatures shows millennials make up just 5 percent of the nation’s state legislators — while accounting for more than 30 percent of the total population.  Read more

Generation Kim Kardashian: Even wealthier millennials living at home

Millennials are imitating Kim Kardashian in ways they may not even realize.  Read more

The Triumph of the Outsiders

Trump and Rubio and Cruz; oh my.  Read more

Can Ted Cruz Actually Win?

It won't be easy  Read more

David Spade: Obama should 'have a little more dignity'

Comedian David Spade ripped President Obama and his wife as too "thirsty" to appear on television in a clip that went viral Sunday evening.  Read more