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What Cruz said about legalizing illegal immigrants in 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz has spent hours since the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas defending his position on immigration.  Read more

Mike Rowe’s epic response to Bernie Sanders’ ‘college or jail’ tweet

As of Wednesday afternoon, the post has close to 61,500 shares and over 121,000 likes.  Read more

Putin: Trump a 'really brilliant and talented person'

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump "a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt."  Read more

On Immigration Debate, Who's Being More Honest: Cruz or Rubio?

If there was one moment of Tuesday's GOP debate that has the most potential to alter the race, it had to be the heated exchange between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz over immigration.  Read more

Illegal minors brag about being freed in U.S., encourage others to come

The Department of Homeland Security has told Congress that for the past six years it has deported just six percent of youths who entered the country illegally, an enormous policy failure that illegal immigrants are seizing on to encourage friends and relatives to raid the border.  Read more

Ryan gets a pass on Boehner-like spending bill

Conservatives who oppose the spending package presented this week by Speaker Paul Ryan are willing to give their new boss a pass so far, even though the Democrat-friendly deal might have led to a revolt under his predecessor, John Boehner.  Read more

The War in Vegas

Observations on the GOP's National Security Debate  Read more

Youth Vote Poll: Rubio bests Trump, Cruz against Clinton

Younger voters came out in droves to support Barack Obama in the past two presidential elections, however those conditions are not currently in place for Hillary Clinton.  Read more

Trump eager for attacks from Cruz

There is a fight brewing between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.  Read more

Rubio's turnout operation may shock naysayers

Marco Rubio's opponents have been searching for a flaw in his ascendant campaign, and they think they've found it: a supposedly subpar field operation for getting out the vote.  Read more

Trump won't blow up, but he will fade away

Nothing Donald Trump could say or do would drag him down in the polls.  Read more

Congress sends five-day funding extension to Obama

Congress on Friday gave itself an additional five days to work out a massive spending deal, as the House passed a measure to keep the government funded until Wednesday, Dec. 16.  Read more

Will the No Child Left Behind rewrite reduce campus sexual assault?

The House and Senate have now both passed the Every Student Succeeds Act — a rewrite of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind Act.  Read more

Walking contradictions: Poll shows Millennials don’t know what they believe

 Read more

Syracuse to students: Christmas tree “would not be inclusive”

Syracuse University is joining other colleges waging the “War on Christmas.”  Read more

YAF releases ‘Top 10 PC Campus Offenses of 2015’

2015 has been the year of political correctness on campus.  Read more

“Racist undertones”: Student chastised by OSU faculty and students for pro-life article

If someone is threatened for telling the truth, they’re doing something right.  Read more

Hillary: Campaign 'Is Incredibly Demanding and Exhausting'

Hillary Clinton may be low-energy. In an interview last night with NBC's Seth Meyers, Clinton admitted that the campaign "is incredibly demanding and exhausting."  Read more