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Fewer GOP voters think Trump will be the nominee

Fewer people think Donald Trump will eventually be the Republican nominee, even though Trump still holds a double-digit lead in the latest national poll.  Read more

Oklahoma prof: Youth support for Sanders ‘symptom of our failure to educate’

One professor understands the rise of Bernie Sanders in 2016 as illustrative of a broken education system.  Read more

Kasich Finds Himself -- and His Way

John Kasich has discovered himself in New Hampshire.  Read more

Christie: Ruining GOP chances since 2012, now hugging Hillary Clinton

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out on fire at tonight’s debate in New Hampshire — but his passion had nothing to do with defeating Democrats or promoting his record.  Read more

Now the Democratic Party's 'establishment' is in trouble

Bernie Sanders scored his first victory of 2016 over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire — before the primary.  Read more

‘Lenny Letter’ writer dismisses GOP women, never gave Fiorina a chance

“The last time I checked, my uterus was not a sentient being,”  Read more

Trump, Cruz and Rubio: How each could win, and lose

A Republican presidential field that was once so unwieldy that debates had to be broken into undercard and main events may soon shrink from its peak of 17 prominent candidates to just three.  Read more

Cruz Says Drafting Women 'Doesn't Make Any Sense'

And Cruz called America's enemies, not its soldiers, "psychopaths."  Read more

Trash-mouth press trashes Trump

Donald Trump's willingness to go after his adversaries with "ugly rhetoric" has some pundits worried about the state of modern political discourse.  Read more

Thanks Autocorrect: Data shows millennials can’t spell

A texting app turned off its spellchecker, and people became very lax with their spelling accuracy.  Read more

An Awful Candidate

And she's been getting worse.  Read more

Millennials’ #1 voting influence is social media: Which candidates are winning?

For the presidential candidates who want to capture the youth vote, they’d better start tweeting.  Read more

Clinton blasts Sanders' 'artful smear' on Wall Street ties

After weeks of insisting that they were not attacking one another, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took the gloves off for their first one-on-one debate as they sparred on who would be the more progressive president.  Read more

Cruz's new weapon against Trump: Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter, a liberal president who not only said he'd prefer Trump over Cruz, but said he doesn't believe Trump holds any real conservative positions.  Read more

The Vocational alternative: Grads see high salaries, low debt

College graduates tend to be confident that college was a good decision, but student debt has made alternatives like vocational schools attractive.  Read more

Clinton defends speaking fees, says she can't be bought

When asked why she accepted $675,000 in fees from a Wall Street bank, she explained, "that's what they offered me," and said that money won't affect policy.  Read more

Thank you, Rand Paul: His “Liberty torch” began to transform the GOP

Although not as successful, Rand Paul continued a legacy begun by his father, Ron Paul, by becoming a voice for the GOP’s libertarian-leaning voters — many of whom are young voters.  Read more

The Donald Unleashes His Inner Trump

The WEEKLY STANDARD Podcast with senior writer Stephen F. Hayes on Donald Trump's interesting Iowa theory  Read more