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Experts: College is “not the great equalizer we hoped” for poor students

A college education isn’t the great leveler anymore; its function as a path to the middle- or upper-class is weaker.  Read more

Trump University: Failed, unaccredited, and Judge ruled “illegally operating”

A little-known part of Donald Trump’s business venture was revealed Thursday, and he failed to obscure the unflattering image it revealed.  Read more

Nine Tales of Trump at His Trumpiest

And these just scratch the surface.  Read more

Against Trump Fatalism

We seem to be particularly susceptible to fatalism.  Read more

Rubio trails Trump by double digits in home-state Florida

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio trails Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump by double digits in his home state of Florida, according to a new poll.  Read more

Press calls on GOP to 'stop Trump'

Major voices in the national media have begun to call on Republicans to block GOP front-runner Donald Trump at whatever cost.  Read more

A Sanders presidency: Power to the people — or to the government?

The problem is that a Sanders presidency would do just the opposite.  Read more

IRS may withhold tax refunds for 1-in-4 with student loans

Young Americans who have fallen behind on student loan payments risk their tax refund; the Department of Education can seize that money for repayment.  Read more

Rubio changes tune, predicts victory in Florida

Sen. Marco Rubio dabbled in the expectations game Wednesday and predicted a win in his home state.  Read more

With Nevada triumph, Trump aims to win, while rivals aim at each other

Trump's victory in Nevada, his third in a row, suggests there could be a problem with the plan.  Read more

Donald Trump wins non-white voters in Nevada

Pundits may have called Donald Trump a racist, xenophobe, and nativist — but the non-white Republican voters disagree.  Read more

Americans wouldn’t want Euro-style ‘free’ college — if they knew the facts

Higher education in Europe functions in society differently from higher education in United States, and that’s a barrier to European-style free college in America.  Read more

'No Hearing, No Votes Until the Next President'

Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who sits on the Senate Judiciary committee, put it plainly.  Read more

Yelp fires millennial after viral (and entitled) ‘open letter’ to CEO

The millennial generation is, at times, a clueless one.  Read more

To win young voters, candidates need more than college debt plans

Presidential candidates in recent weeks have reached out more on higher education affordability to connect with young voters, but it hasn’t been enough to draw out the youth vote.  Read more

Media falls for Clintonites' charge of Sanders racism

Newsrooms reported Sanders supporters engaged in racist behavior, even though there was no proof.  Read more

Trump: As president, I would prosecute Clinton

Donald Trump said Monday night that he believes Hillary Clinton will likely get away with her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.  Read more

Biden: President Should 'Not Name A Nominee Until After The November Election'

On Monday, C-SPAN tweeted a clip of then-senator Joe Biden saying President George H.W. Bush should wait until after the November election to name a nominee.  Read more