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Emory's Administration Panders to the Forces of Illiberalism

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Fidel Castro: Obama should've met with me

Cuba's Fidel Castro was not pleased that President Obama met with current Cuban President Raul Castro on his visit, but not him  Read more

Trump and Ryan compete for control of the GOP

Paul Ryan never intended to fight Donald Trump for control of the Republican Party  Read more

Entrepreneurs banned in D.C.? Regulations stifle new businesses

A college student in Washington D.C. wanted to shine shoes on the side for extra cash, but regulations and bureaucracy ended that idea  Read more

Young, jobless, and radicalized: Terror attacks tied to European youth crisis?

In the wake of the Belgium terrorist attacks, the world faces the grim task of identifying the cause (or causes) and stopping them  Read more

Fox Poll: Millennials choose Cruz over Clinton, Trump

Fox News’ latest poll shows Senator Ted Cruz jumping to a massive 14 percent lead over Secretary Hillary Clinton among voters under the age of 35.  Read more

Trump the unelectable

Trump's negative rating, at 57 percent, is the highest on record for any candidate at this point in the election cycle as measured by CBS/New York Times polls since they started asking the question in 1984.  Read more

He's a One-Man Band

A do-it-yourself presidential campaign won't work.  Read more

Dr. Carson diagnoses Trump fever

The retired neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate endorsed Trump earlier this month a while after dropping out of the race himself.  Read more

Retired female marine: “Sticking women in the infantry is going to cause lethal problems”

“The fact that I made it 20 years only means that God and angels were surrounding me,”  Read more

Wisconsin Poll: Cruz and Trump Neck-and-Neck with Kasich Far Behind

The poll conducted March 20 to 22 by Emerson College, indicates that Kasich's presence in the race is taking more votes from Cruz than from Trump  Read more

Kentucky considers ‘free’ community college: Investment or money drain?

Kentucky has become the latest state to push free tuition for community colleges  Read more

‘Students for Trump’ crash Bernie Sanders rally

Trump supporters attended a Sanders rally at Ohio State University to see if the senator’s supporters would donate to help build a wall along the Mexican border  Read more

Rubio could wield power at the convention

Officially, Rubio remains a candidate, which entitles him to as many 91 -- possibly more -- of the roughly 167 delegates he won  Read more

Trump vs. Cruz splits GOP

"Unity" will be the buzzword as Republicans contemplate their presidential ticket  Read more

ISIS Overwhelming Europe's Counterterrorism Forces

The Amaq News Agency, a propaganda arm of the Islamic State (or ISIS), has claimed responsibility for today's attacks in Brussels  Read more

Is NATO relevant? Carter refuses to answer

"I recognize that this is an election year," Ash Carter said. "I will not speak to anything that is in the presidential debate."  Read more

House moving toward higher 2017 spending caps

"We're still having that family conversation with our members about how to proceed with the budget," Ryan said after meeting with Republicans.  Read more