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College dean: Guns already on campus, gun bans don’t stop criminals

The bluster and passion over campus carry in Texas and other states is irrelevant, one associate dean in Arkansas argues  Read more

Bomb-making in George Mason Univ. dorm: 3 students arrested

Court documents reveal that three George Mason University (GMU) students were arrested last week after police found bomb-making materials in their dorm room during a raid  Read more

Cruz: 'Extreme strain of Islam' must be defeated

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz blamed an "extreme strain of Islam" for Monday's terrorist attack in Brussels  Read more

Trump: Brussels now a 'disaster city'

Donald Trump reacted early Tuesday morning to the terrorist attack in Brussels, by saying the city used to be "beautiful and safe," but now is a "disaster city."  Read more

'Vichy Republicans' Prove Trump Right About Gutless Establishment

Donald Trump and his supporters contend that the GOP establishment is a bunch of gutless, cowardly weasels who won’t fight for what they believe in  Read more

Why House GOP silence on Trump? Voters have something to do with it.

House Republicans are taking a lot of flak for not condemning Donald Trump  Read more

Is Donald Trump Obama's real legacy?

Who is the most divisive figure in American politics, Donald Trump or Barack Obama?  Read more

Kelly feud, riot comments show Trump will never be presidential

Trump has had one job since March 15 (and arguably, before that): Unify the Republican Party by showing you can be calm and presidential  Read more

Obama admin. trying to cover up massive $15 billion college loan default spike

A quarterly report on student aid brags of “promising repayment trends,” but it obscures a rise in student loan defaults  Read more

CNN a heavy contributor to Trump's earned media

As the front-runner, Donald Drumpf was always going to get "a disproportionate amount of attention," CNN President Jeff Zucker told reporters this week.  Read more

AGs demand McConnell, Grassley hold firm on SCOTUS pick

n the letter, the attorneys general tell Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa to resist rushing the process  Read more

Get Off the Sidelines in Arizona

Rubio, McCain, Flake, and Herbert Should Endorse Cruz. Right. Now.  Read more

Calculator: Under Obama, young adult incomes lowest since 1979

In relative terms, millennials are losing to their counterparts in the past  Read more

Thank Trump? Youth primary turnout breaks 2008 records

Youth turnout in the March 15 primaries broke 2008 records, according to a report from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE)  Read more

Taking Stock of the GOP Race

With the March 15 slate of Republican primaries in the books, 29 of the 50 states have now voted  Read more

Dear politicos: Millennials are people, not a “target demographic”

Memes, targeted outreach, and gimmicks have failed to win the millennial vote, but campaigns haven’t realized that  Read more

Will #NeverTrump young Republicans vote third-party?

The likelihood of Donald Trump becoming the 2016 GOP nominee is looking more probable than ever  Read more

Trump caught plagiarizing pal Ben Carson

Donald Trump penned an op-ed earlier this month for the Pacific Daily News that appears eerily similar to one written less than two weeks earlier by his pal, Ben Carson  Read more