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Who's Going To Fund Trump's Campaign?

After last night, Donald Trump is the "presumptive" presidential nominee for the GOP...  Read more

Trump, Clinton negatives may cancel each other out

The two New Yorkers may struggle to launch conventional attacks on each other...  Read more

Doom predicted for GOP Senate

Analysts are suggesting the list of toss-up seats could expand even further if voters link GOP candidates to Donald Trump...  Read more

Ron Paul: Trump is ‘authoritarian,’ won’t vote for him

Supporting Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be unthinkable to Ron Paul, who rejected the candidate roll of the Republican Party on Tuesday...  Read more

Who launched mass incarceration and militarized policing? A progressive hero

The “tough on crime” approach to policing and criminal justice wasn’t driven by Republicans alone ­— it began as a liberal idea...  Read more

Republican Party Down

As the Trump campaign steamrolls ahead, most of us are still scratching our heads...  Read more

Priebus on Trump: 'Something new is probably good for our party'

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus defended Donald Trump's all but certain victory to become the GOP nominee...  Read more

Stunned Cruz supporters ask: What happened?

Hours before the Cruz campaign's election-night event, the buzz was that Ted Cruz would deliver "somber" remarks...  Read more

Stop giving colleges more money: A new plan for cost accountability

To drive down college costs, the government needs to stop subsidizing colleges and hold them accountable for student debt...  Read more

Indiana proved the #NeverTrump movement is dead (or dying quickly)

It’s over, it’s done, leave the gun, take the cannoli, put Chris Christie in a dress, and make him sing. Indiana finished off the #NeverTrump movement...  Read more

An Endorsement Worth Zero Pence

There is a direct correlation between Donald Trump's electoral strength and how much he trolls his opponents...  Read more

Cruz proves he was the wrong anti-Trump candidate

Back on March 1, 2016, Senator Ted Cruz called for Senator Marco Rubio to drop out of the race, saying, “We need to get to a one-on-one battle with Donald Trump,” and that he would prevail over Trump...  Read more

I was banned from my campus newspaper: Conservative students must speak up

It’s been nearly one month since I published my article “No, I’m Not Privileged Because I’m White” in the campus newspaper at Eastern Connecticut State University...  Read more

Lewandowski: 'Not a question' Trump wins on first ballot

A top Donald Trump aide defended the notion that his candidate will not lock up the Republican presidential nomination...  Read more

Cruz campaign wheels fall off in Indiana home stretch

Most of the political world now expects Ted Cruz to emulate his running mate Carly Fiorina by falling down in Indiana...  Read more

Rubio: Trump's 'Performance Has Improved Significantly'

Marco Rubio may be warming to Donald Trump. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Rubio praises the Republican frontrunner...  Read more

Helping ex-cons return to work

The Obama administration announced plans Friday to ban federal agencies from asking job seekers about their criminal records when they first apply for work...  Read more

Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get

President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year...  Read more