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White House dodges on possible Clinton email hack

Asked about the vulnerability caused by Clinton's email server, White House press secretary Josh Earnest only repeated FBI Director James Comey's findings...  Read more

Americans blame economic woes on Bush

Almost two-thirds of respondents said Bush deserved a "great deal" of blame for the weak economy...  Read more

What explains liberal dominance at colleges? Blame New England

Need a culprit to blame for the ideological imbalance in college? Look to New England...  Read more

Faced with Trump or Clinton, millennials consider college in Canada

Along with the interest in moving to Canada to avoid Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Canadian colleges have a growing appeal for American students...  Read more

Trump Is Clueless on Saddam and Terror

Donald Trump praised Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for his handling of terrorists at a Tuesday campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina...  Read more

Trump’s June fundraising numbers are YUGE

Trump’s fundraising numbers for the month of June were “YUGE.”...  Read more

Clinton adds some ‘free’ to her wonky student loan plan to woo Sanders’ millennials

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will announce a proposal allowing individuals who are paying off student loans a three-month intermission so they can restructure their debt, the Washington Post reported...  Read more

Rubio won't help 'Big Donald' in Cleveland

In his absence, Sen. Marco Rubio joins a list of prominent Republicans who will not show up at the convention this year. His campaign insists it's nothing personal...  Read more

Deleted Clinton emails now likely subject to open records requests

Justice Department officials may soon be forced to publish the thousands of undisclosed emails discovered on Hillary Clinton's private servers...  Read more

Without Hillary Indictment, Trump's Path to White House Gets Even Harder

The FBI director's decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton for mishandling highly classified information is a bump in the road for Donald Trump's campaign against her...  Read more

Now FBI director faces congressional probe

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte has a lot of questions for FBI Director James Comey, given the news that Comey won't recommend criminal charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information...  Read more

Trump vows to investigate Clinton after FBI clears her

Donald Trump promised Tuesday to look into whether Hillary Clinton abused special privileges while secretary of state...  Read more

Syrian refugees to U.S. doubled in June, 0.3% of them are Christian

The number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States reached a new peak this past June and doubled the number of refugees admitted into the U.S. in May, according to CNSNews...  Read more

FBI press conference proves Hillary is above the law

Bernie Sanders spent more than a year campaigning against the privileged rich who control the political system and act above the law...  Read more

Some Modest Proposals for Trump's Vice Presidential Pick

With Donald Trump slipping, if not precipitously yet nonetheless seriously, in the polls, his choice of a vice-presidential candidate looms all the more important...  Read more

Study proves millennials believe in capitalism and the American Dream

On Wednesday, Wells Fargo released a study revealing that millennials plan to leave their businesses to their children...  Read more

18-year old alleged terrorist arrested by FBI in Arizona

The FBI and Arizona Attorney General’s Office recently arrested Mahin Khan, 18, from Tucson, Associated Press reported...  Read more

Ernst: 'Good conversation' with 'Donald'

Ernst met with Trump in Bedminster, N.J., in what was effectively a job interview for vice president...  Read more