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Latina millennial comes out to family: ‘I’m voting for Trump’

Millennials, women, and minorities are expected to fall in line with the Democratic Party, especially when the alternative is Donald Trump — but one young Latina came out to her friends and family that she would be voting for the Republican nominee...  Read more

Obama Takes Implicit Shot at Clinton

President Obama called criticism of a Pacific trade deal "trying to score political points" Monday, countering arguments that the hot-button Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be bad for the United States...  Read more

Potential cost of California minimum wage? 900,000 (mostly millennial) jobs

The recent minimum wage increase in California could make its labor market like Europe’s: restrictive and difficult for the young and poor to advance...  Read more

Trump leading Clinton in RCP average

Donald Trump surrogates are smiling so hard their cheeks are probably starting to cramp...  Read more

Ryan not ready to bet money on Trump win

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he thinks Donald Trump can win the White House, but said he's not ready to bet money on it...  Read more

The defeat of #NeverTrump

It's now or never for #NeverTrump...  Read more

A Choice Not an Echo

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal last week, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan argued that young Americans in particular should appreciate the power of choice...  Read more

Obama discovers the separation of powers

Barack Obama has never shown much of an appreciation for the separation of powers...  Read more

Trump's media dominance a threat to Clinton

Political strategists say Hillary Clinton needs to become more accessible to the press...  Read more

Combining #NeverTrump & #NeverClinton: A new third party effort?

For all the #NeverTrump voters out there, Josiah Peterson explains how they can actually do something, particularly when it comes to support a third party candidate, in “These Numbers Say A Third Party Can Win The Presidency” for The Federalist...  Read more

Where are all the jobs for young workers? Texas

The best spot for millennials to find opportunity is the Lone Star State...  Read more

Triple Digit Profits from the Energy Rebound

The energy markets have been hit with the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb. This is the greatest buying opportunity in a decade. I've identified 12 select energy stocks that are screaming bargains today. Discover what we're buying now.  Read more

Bathroom Insanity and the 2016 Race

In its latest assault on traditional Americans mores, federalism, the separation of powers, and common sense, the Obama administration is now claiming that a federal law passed more than 40 years ago (Title IX) somehow requires all public schools across America to provide access to bathrooms and sports teams based on whatever sex students want to say they are...  Read more

Columbia launches effort to protect free speech with $60 million First Amendment institute

Columbia University announced it will open a $60 million First Amendment institute on campus as part of an initiative to fight for freedom of expression in the digital age...  Read more

91% of millennials want Independent candidate

A new poll of nearly 1,000 voters reveals America would love a third option in a Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump matchup...  Read more

Overbama — an interfering president on overtime

Let's say you just realized that you'll need to leave work an hour early on Friday to have time to get to your son's school play...  Read more

Does Trump lead mean change in race?

In what could signal a shift in the presidential race, Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton, 45 percent to 42 percent, in a new Fox News national poll...  Read more

Do You Own Any of the Most Dangerous Stocks in America?

You can't trust Wall Street when it comes to preserving your nest egg. Just released list of 25 stocks to sell is available free. Download the complete list and check it against your own portfolio. According to our latest research, if you own ANY of these D and F rated stocks, you could suffer huge losses in the coming months.  Read more