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Can Merkel Ban the Burka?

How on earth does Angela Merkel think she is going to get re-elected?...  Read more

GOP prepares perjury case against Hillary

In an unprecedented move by the FBI, the agency has provided Congress with the notes from its investigative interview of Hillary Clinton...  Read more

Democrats praise Trump for visiting Louisiana

Donald Trump earned some much-deserved praise from two high-profile Louisiana Democrats who thanked the Republican nominee for visiting areas of the state that had been devastated by flooding...  Read more

Clinton's economic plans likely to boost her corporate donors

A look at Hillary Clinton's most generous financial backers reveals she has enjoyed the support of companies positioned to reap the benefits of her ambitious spending projects...  Read more

Advisers suggest Trump rethinking mass deportation

Advisers say Donald Trump is wrestling with how to pursue immigration reform in a humane and efficient manner...  Read more

State Department: $400 Million Payment to Iran Was "Leverage"

The State Department admitted Thursday that a controversial $400 million payment the United States made to Iran in January was used as "leverage" in the release of American hostages...  Read more

Trump advisers waged covert influence campaign

Manafort orchestrated a covert Washington lobbying operation on behalf of Ukraine's ruling political party...  Read more

From Donald Trump, a stunning admission and a new direction

In general, in a campaign filled with controversial statements, it's fair to say Donald Trump doesn't do apologies and he doesn't do regret...  Read more

Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s plan to steal young voters from Hillary

CNN hosted a Green Party town hall last night, giving presidential nominee Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka an unprecedented opportunity to reach American voters who are unhappy with the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton...  Read more

Tim Kaine in 2002: Bill Clinton should have resigned

In 2002, then-lieutenant governor Tim Kaine commented on a Virginia House of Delegates sex scandal...  Read more

Trump Has Decided To Live in Breitbart's Alternative Reality

Eleven weeks before the general election, with polls showing Donald Trump staring at a potential electoral rout, the New York businessman decisively ended speculation that he would "pivot" to end the race a more "presidential" candidate by naming Stephen Bannon, chairman of Breitbart News, as the campaign's new chief executive...  Read more

Young conservative women look to rebuild the GOP after 2016

Ever since the RNC’s Growth & Opportunity Project was released after Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss, a large part of the Republican Party’s mission has been to reach out to millennials, women, and minorities in an effort to diversify the party...  Read more

Trump is the last, best hope for millennials

Let’s face it, millennials are in a bind...  Read more

Six batches of Clinton-related documents we're still waiting to see

Thousands of pages presently under review for public release could prolong the scrutiny of Hillary Clinton's State Department tenure with the kind of piecemeal developments that have come to define the controversies of her candidacy...  Read more

Meet Trump's new 'bare-knuckle' CEO

Donald Trump has appointed Breitbart News' Steve Bannon to be chief executive of his presidential campaign, and those familiar with the conservative media mogul's style claim he is ready to win the White House race "at all costs."...  Read more

The Obama Administration Explains Why Health Insurance Premiums Are Going Up

I guess all the flacks in the vast Obama administration public relations apparatus are at the beach...  Read more

Among Washington elites, Hillary Clinton leads by 40 points

Beltway insiders prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump by overwhelming margins, a new poll conducted by Echelon Insights for the Washington Examiner reveals...  Read more

FBI did not let State see notes from its Clinton interview

Although the State Department has asked the FBI to provide notes from its July interview with Hillary Clinton, the law enforcement agency refused to do so before giving Congress the notes Tuesday in a batch of classified documents from its year-long investigation of the Democratic nominee...  Read more