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A Hillary Clinton nomination may force the Right to reunite

If Republicans want to stand any chance at winning the White House in 2016, or ever again, they need to reunite...  Read more

Millennial Poll: Cruz statistically tied with Clinton, 54% say he’s “likable”

In the last few days, more good news has surfaced for Senator Ted Cruz — beyond his winning streak with convention delegates...  Read more

A Popular Conservative Alternative to Obamacare

In a recent piece at New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait writes that “Republican alternatives to Obamacare have lain just over the horizon for half a dozen years" yet somehow never come into view...  Read more

Sarah Palin to Bill Nye: “As much a scientist as I am”

Bill Nye was expected to incur some outrage for his suggestion that climate change deniers belong in jail in a video uploaded by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow...  Read more

Student organizer rants against capitalism, for free education, and against Hillary

The “Million Student March” for free tuition is back, and along with it, so are these young advocates who rant not only in favor of free college, but also against the capitalist system — and against Hillary Clinton...  Read more

How Democrats are using SEC to beat campaign finance laws

In almost all cases in which corporations have voted on disclosing political spending, investors have voted it down...  Read more

Why the next president's first 100 days are already doomed

If the Senate flips to the Democrats, a new Republican president will likely find himself stymied by the upper chamber, making it impossible to do things like repealing Obamacare...  Read more

Conventional Wisdom

Is Cruz stealing delegates from Trump?  Read more

The truth is locked away behind bars

Bill Clinton cannot decide how he feels, or at least what he should say, about his legacy on crime  Read more

Obama: More regs needed to spur competition

President Obama extolled the virtues of free market competition in signing a new executive order  Read more

Liberal cannibalism: OSU silences protesters with “safe space” rules

College administrations have co-opted progressive rhetoric about “safe spaces” and offensive speech to silence student protests  Read more

48% of millennials refuse to identify as Republican or Democrat

The number of Americans who identify themselves as politically independent (39 percent) is currently at its highest point in more than 75 years of Pew Research polling  Read more

It's still Ryan vs. Trump, even without 2016 bid

Speaker Ryan and Mr. Drumpf represent opposing definitions of what it means to be conservative.  Read more

Licensing Arizona

When government regulation becomes an occupational hazard...  Read more

Millennial RNC delegate: Trump supporters “lying, deceiving, smearing” CO grassroots

Trump supporters are getting worried that their candidate will be unable to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to avoid a contested convention...  Read more

What's behind Ben Carson's Trump meltdown?

Donald Trump has a Ben Carson problem...  Read more

RNC member: Trump can win with 1,100 delegates

RNC member Randy Evans said that Trump would likely be able to secure the Republican nomination if he captures anything more than 1,100 delegates...  Read more

Voting for a candidate because she’s a woman is cute (when you’re 8 years old)

NPR listener Josh and his daughter, Penelope, recently had a conversation about gender and politics, which became more involving than they might realize...  Read more