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Will Paul Ryan Get a Concession Out of Trump on Entitlements?

There have been two defining moments in Paul Ryan’s political career...  Read more

Marco Rubio Nukes His Credibility

The Florida senator stands by remarks Trump shouldn't get access to nukes, but he intends to back Trump anyway...  Read more

Hillary Clinton targeting Republican women: Will it work?

While the 2016 general election may present many voters with an unflattering choice, the likely candidates are all too happy to capitalize on the unpopularity of their opponent...  Read more

America’s most popular politicians? GOP governors in blue states

During this time of upheaval in politics when trust for the establishment is at an all-time low, two Republican governors in blue states are enjoying record high approval ratings...  Read more

State Dept. denies being unable to find Clinton aide's emails

A State Department spokeswoman said officials searched unsuccessfully for Bryan Pagliano's email folder, but noted the search was inconclusive...  Read more

Toward a 'human-centered' vision of the Republican future

With Donald Trump emerging as the last man standing in the GOP race for president, the divided party has left many wondering what can rise from the ashes of the 2016 campaign...  Read more

Clinton Dumbfounded by Rising Cost of Obamacare

Hillary Clinton was stunned Monday when a small business owner told her that the cost of her health insurance had increased nearly two fold...  Read more

Obama to make historic visit to Hiroshima

President Obama will become the first sitting president to ever visit Hiroshima, Japan, since the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb in 1945...  Read more

Trump faces stiff opposition from Hispanic Republicans

Donald Trump's efforts to win over Hispanic Republicans are failing...  Read more

Libertarians split: O’Rourke for Clinton, Rand Paul for Trump

Nothing makes sense anymore — Rand Paul endorsed Donald Trump and P.J. O’Rourke has thrown his support beyond Hillary Clinton...  Read more

At Harvard, supporting Hillary “nearly tantamount” to backing Trump

It’s not just conservatives who feel alienated on campus...  Read more

Trump Open to Raising Taxes, Minimum Wage

Days after Donald Trump's last Republican opponent dropped out of the race, Trump is beginning to sound more liberal on economic policy...  Read more

Student’s gun art banned from campus at University of Houston

Campus carry may have passed in Texas, but guns are still off limits at Texas universities — even when used as unloaded expressions of art...  Read more

Brander-in-chief: Will Trump exceed expectations with millennials?

The likely match-up between presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton isn’t one that leaves young voters with a good taste in their mouth...  Read more

Obama undercuts Clinton on China's currency

In late April, the Treasury Department released a report on whether U.S. trading partners, including Beijing, engage in "persistent one-sided intervention in the foreign exchange market."...  Read more

Trump ups pressure on Clinton, tightens screw of his own party

Trump is using the remainder of primary season to maintain his stranglehold on earned media and build his case against Hillary Clinton...  Read more

Who will Donald Trump choose as his VP?

Now that he is the presumptive nominee, all eyes are focused on who Donald Trump will pick as his running mate...  Read more

Will young voters Dump Trump and the GOP?

“Donald Trump will be the presumptive GOP nominee,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus tweeted on Wednesday after both Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their presidential campaigns...  Read more