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Mizzou moves to restrict free speech, prevent future protests

To ensure students at the University of Missouri can’t protest like they did in the fall, administrators will enforce a 1949 rule to block encampments...  Read more

26-year-old launches AARP-style lobbying group for millennials

More than three years ago, Ben Brown read an op-ed about why young people should have an organization lobbying for their interests, much in the same way the AARP works for retirees...  Read more

The year of the disaffected voter

Hillary Clinton is facing a big problem. The "us verse them" populist messages of political outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been music to the ears of so many Americans...  Read more

Sanders still a Hillary headache

Democrats have settled into a race where Hillary Clinton's nomination has been virtually inevitable for weeks but Bernie Sanders has continued to win enough state contests to convince his supporters there is still a viable path forward...  Read more

The Cost of Obamacare

Obamacare has caused health insurance premiums to skyrocket. It has caused millions of Americans who liked their health plans to lose their health plans...  Read more

Sanders Presidency a Path to Financial Ruin

A tiny Vermont college announced Monday that it would close its doors by the end of the month, thanks to the "the crushing weight of debt" accrued during Jane Sanders's time as president...  Read more

Rhodes won't show: White House raises 'constitutional concerns'

The White House told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Monday that Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes won't be testifying on Tuesday about his controversial comments on the Iran deal...  Read more

The Supreme Court called the Obama administration's bluff

Years of litigation over the Obamacare mandate for coverage of early abortion pills, birth control and sterilization, culminated in seven cases under the title Zubik v. Burwell...  Read more

Nebraska GOP votes down condemnation of “degrading remarks” to women, minorities

Republicans have rejected the notion of individual rights as delegates at the Nebraska Republican Convention rejected a resolution that condemned degrading remarks “toward women, minorities, and other individuals.”...  Read more

Four states have had no private job growth since 2000

For Illinois and three other states, private-sector job creation has been unheard of in the 21st century...  Read more

It Wasn't Supposed to Work This Way

Local authorities in Pueblo, just 40 miles south of Colorado Springs, were recently alerted by a vigilant resident to a possible illegal marijuana grow operation...  Read more

Donald Trump’s college reform ideas are surprisingly good

The Trump campaign is touting its higher education approach as a “revolutionary” change for students and colleges...  Read more

#FightFor15? Even liberal economists agree it’s a “gamble”

The belief in the $15 minimum wage to defeat poverty borders on the religious. Empirical evidence casts doubt that the benefit will be so smooth and so unequivocal...  Read more

Al Qaeda magazine calls for lone wolf attacks on U.S. economic leaders

Al Qaeda's English-language magazine Inspire is calling for jihadis to carry out lone wolf attacks against American business leaders and entrepreneurs in their homes...  Read more

U.S. Navy facing first serious competition in decades

China is busy pouring silt and building bases onto man-made islands in the South China Sea...  Read more

The Hillary Myth

Hillary Clinton sounds like Paul Ryan on the economy. She says she’s for "strong growth, fair growth, and long-term growth."...  Read more

Media too quick to blame 'climate change'

"I would prefer slightly more moderate titles that focus on sea-level rise being the driver rather than simply 'climate change'," one of the study's chief researchers, Dr. Simon Albert, told the Guardian...  Read more

Obama orders schools: Transgender students can choose which bathroom

The Obama administration released its guidance directing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity...  Read more