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Johnson leads Clinton among independents, fueled by millennial support

A new Fox News poll reveals Donald Trump stumbling, Hillary Clinton staying flat, and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson surging. Johnson appears to be the clear benefactor from Trump latest controversial statements and Clinton’s ongoing favorability issues among young voters...  Read more

Scott Walker Withdraws Support from Trump

Scott Walker has said that he would support Donald Trump if he were the nominee, but the Wisconsin governor backed away from that pledge in the wake of Trump's racial attack on federal judge...  Read more

New wave of unauthorized Central American immigrants crossing southern border

A new wave of refugees from Central America, many of them children traveling alone, are crossing illegally into the United States...  Read more

How millennials are driving free market health care improvements

The high expectations of youth, nurtured by the era of the smartphone, could drive health care to become more responsive to patient demands...  Read more

Senate showdown coming on defense vs. nondefense spending

The debate over the fiscal 2017 defense policy bill on Thursday will feature the classic clash between Democrats and Republicans on defense versus non-defense spending...  Read more

GOP's national security plan declares war on Islamic State

Republicans call for "adopting a wartime approach and keeping all options on the table."...  Read more

Trump's Race Problem Is Now the GOP's

Donald J. Trump is making "indefensible" and "inexcusable" and "racist" arguments that are "offensive" and "un-American." He must be elected president of the United States...  Read more

Were judge's Mexican parents illegals?

The sometimes controversial scoop journalist that runs has published documents that raise questions about the citizenship status of the parents of federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel...  Read more

Paul Ryan cares. But will America?

House Speaker Paul Ryan's message is one that could go a long way to repairing the Republican Party's fortunes with key voter groups...  Read more

Facebook, Twitter, Google pledge to censor “hate speech”

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have promised to eliminate hate speech on their platforms...  Read more

1-in-5 millennial Sanders voters will support Trump over Clinton, 57% are #NeverHillary

Despite the Democratic primary coming to a close, millennials supporting Bernie Sanders aren’t ready to throw in the towel and support Hillary Clinton...  Read more

Our Iranian Allies

Last week pictures of Qassem Suleimani started to circulate on social media, which is always a pretty sure sign that an Iranian military campaign is about to kick off somewhere in the Middle East...  Read more

Is the expense of having kids too high for millennials?

The increasingly high costs of raising children are making millennials reconsider their desire to have children...  Read more

Can Gary Johnson win a state and force the House to pick POTUS?

A favorite theory among libertarians and #NeverTrump voters is that a victory by Libertarian Gary Johnson in one or more states could deprive both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from winning 270 Electoral College votes...  Read more

Trump's self-destructive rambling baffles GOP strategists

How did the controversy begin over Donald Trump's attacks on the judge in the Trump University lawsuit?...  Read more

FBI refuses to release emails about its Clinton email investigation

Attorneys for the Justice Department offered to submit "additional details" about the FBI sweep of Clinton's server, but only if the court agreed to keep them under seal...  Read more

Republican Panic Recedes

Donald Trump has achieved two things besides locking up the Republican presidential nomination...  Read more

Trump refuses to take back judge criticism

Donald Trump insisted Monday that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is treating him unfairly in the Trump University case...  Read more