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I was banned from my campus newspaper: Conservative students must speak up

It’s been nearly one month since I published my article “No, I’m Not Privileged Because I’m White” in the campus newspaper at Eastern Connecticut State University...  Read more

Lewandowski: 'Not a question' Trump wins on first ballot

A top Donald Trump aide defended the notion that his candidate will not lock up the Republican presidential nomination...  Read more

Cruz campaign wheels fall off in Indiana home stretch

Most of the political world now expects Ted Cruz to emulate his running mate Carly Fiorina by falling down in Indiana...  Read more

Rubio: Trump's 'Performance Has Improved Significantly'

Marco Rubio may be warming to Donald Trump. In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Rubio praises the Republican frontrunner...  Read more

Helping ex-cons return to work

The Obama administration announced plans Friday to ban federal agencies from asking job seekers about their criminal records when they first apply for work...  Read more

Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get

President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year...  Read more

Bernie Sanders’ revolution doesn’t matter: Young people still won’t vote

For all there is to celebrate about Bernie Sanders engagement with young voters, there’s also a harsh reality: Young people don’t vote. Older voters do, and it may be why Hillary Clinton is still winning despite getting killed with younger demographics...  Read more

Pennsylvania results show Trump’s millennial advantage over Clinton

Millennials are supposed to be against Donald Trump — and most Republican ideas — however, the generation may hold the key to winning the important swing state of Pennsylvania and its 20 Electoral College votes...  Read more

Donald J. Obama

On Tuesday, April 26, Donald Trump won impressive primary victories in five states, victories that would seem to make it difficult (though not yet impossible) to deny him the Republican nomination...  Read more

Florida Governor runs ad bashing $15 minimum wage in California to lure businesses

The Florida governor is using California’s $15 minimum wage as an opportunity – to lure companies to the Sunshine State...  Read more

Which will win: The “woman card” or the Trump card?

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump close in on their respective party nominations, they have started trading barbs about Clinton’s alleged use of the so-called “woman card.”...  Read more

Lynch: No deadline for Clinton email probe

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said there's no deadline for concluding the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server...  Read more

How GOP bigwigs made their peace with Trump

An increasing number of party figures are making their peace with the idea of Donald Trump as their nominee...  Read more

Trump’s foreign policy appeals to older millennials

Donald Trump delivered his foreign policy doctrine during a speech Wednesday that had a moderate tone appealing to older millennials who critique the Bush Administration’s hawkishness...  Read more

Ryan’s pitch to millennials: GOP ideas over “pandering politicians and populists”

House Speaker Paul Ryan was aware that he wasn’t in the most welcoming company at Georgetown University on Wednesday...  Read more

Republicans split between denial and acceptance on Trump

The Republican Party seems split between denial and acceptance when it comes to coping with front-runner Donald Trump...  Read more

Boehner rips Cruz: 'Lucifer in the flesh,' 'miserable son of a bitch'

Former House Speaker John Boehner ripped into Ted Cruz at an event Wednesday night, by referring to him as "lucifer in the flesh."...  Read more

Donald Trump, Bob Knight Collude to Steal All the Straight Talk

There was only one man in the Hoosier state who could have taken the stage and been as frank, unrestrained, carefree, confrontational and colorful as Donald Trump...  Read more