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Clueless Capitalists

What has happened to the traditional reservoir of support for America's market economy?  Read more

Special Editorial: Abortion and Mr. Trump

If you are pro-life, you cannot vote for Donald Trump  Read more

Who will win the Senate?

Every four years, politicians spur voters to the polls with invocations of "the most important election in our lifetime," or at least a generation  Read more

Wisconsin Trump voters, unfazed by controversy, stand by their man

Mandy Bartels came to Donald Trump's rally Saturday wearing a "Doctors for Trump" t-shirt  Read more

6 best and worst moments of the Trump campaign

Former Senior Advisor to President Obama Dan Pfeiffer summed up Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in one tweet  Read more

UPenn students protest CIA as a “terrorist group,” chant “Black Lives Matter”

“The CIA is a terrorist organization!”  Read more

#NeverTrump vs. #NeverHillary

33% of Bernie supporters will never back Hillary  Read more

Life as a millennial woman working in the gun industry

I’ve been around guns my entire life. It’s part of the territory that comes with being the daughter of a law enforcement officer  Read more

20-year-old RNC delegate: Why we must oust Trump at the convention

It was an easy decision for me to place my name on the ballot as a presidential delegate in support of Marco Rubio  Read more

GOP's problem: Can't rebuild, can't win now

The Republican Party is like one of those perennially mediocre teams that experience the worst of both worlds. It cannot manage to rebuild, and it cannot win now  Read more

Karl Rove: 'Fresh face' might be best GOP nominee

One thing that unites many supporters of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is the suspicion that party elders might try to hand the Republican presidential nomination to another candidate  Read more

Trump tries to speak conservatives' language

As Donald Trump moves toward the Republican presidential nomination, he is learning to talk like a conservative.  Read more

Trump Botches Abortion Question, Quickly Takes a Mulligan

During a townhall event today with MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Donald Trump said "there has to be some form of punishment" for women who obtain abortions.  Read more

Cruz jokes about killing Trump, patrolling Muslims, and Star Wars

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) took a note from Sen. Lindsey Graham’s playbook and joked about killing a top Republican running for president.  Read more

Cruz winning the race for delegates in Colorado

Ted Cruz is well-positioned to beat Donald Trump for delegates in Colorado  Read more

Policy adviser to Trump, Cruz: 'Either of them would be fine'

A former top military intel chief under President Obama said Wednesday that he advises both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on foreign policy, and said he could support either of them as president  Read more

Trump: The most libertarian major candidate left

If you pull back from the entertainment and the salty rhetoric and just stick to policy, Donald Trump is the most libertarian candidate still running for president  Read more

Federal judge warns of “decreasing tolerance for truly free expression” at colleges

Chief Judge Loretta A. Preska, of the U.S. District Court of Southern New York told Harvard Law students that she is concerned with campus “free speech zones,” and other threats to free speech, expression, and debate  Read more