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The Diversity Profession

In May, Tennessee lawmakers banned all funding for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville...  Read more

Gary Johnson: Millennials ready for government to “leave them alone” — socially and fiscally

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson frequently boasts about being socially liberal and fiscally conservative — a combination that he says represents the majority of American voters, and that he calls the best of both worlds...  Read more

Trump narrows his Muslim ban, cuts religious test

Donald Trump’s speech on Monday showed the Republican nominee making a slight — but important — pivot on one of his most controversial political positions...  Read more

Carly Fiorina won't lift a finger to help Donald Trump

Donald Trump could really use Carly Fiorina's help right about now...  Read more

Carter wants more NATO involvement in Islamic State fight

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that he wants both NATO and the alliance to contribute more to the fight against the Islamic State...  Read more

The Orlando Shooter's Desire for 'Martyrdom'

After each jihadist attack in the West, our society rehearses the same ritualistic debate over what the terrorists' motivations really are...  Read more

Clinton's lead over Trump grows in new national poll

According to an national poll, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 percentage points: 49 percent to 42 percent...  Read more

Trump's provocative Orlando response worries some in GOP

Donald Trump congratulated himself for predicting the carnage, suggested that President Obama might have somehow been involved and reaffirmed his support for temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U.S...  Read more

White House’s “Fair Chance” pledge to give past criminals a better life, college access

On Friday, the White House announced a higher education pledge to help previous criminals improve their livelihoods...  Read more

Under Hillary’s proposal, she couldn’t buy a gun

Hillary Clinton’s response to the Orlando terrorist attack has focused on calling for more gun control...  Read more

Hidden Spending

Obamacare has raised Americans’ health-insurance premiums, sapped their liberty, caused millions to lose their doctors, and funneled huge amounts of power and money to Washington...  Read more

Are Google searches biased in favor of Hillary Clinton?

It seems like another influential tech company may be in the bag for Hillary Clinton...  Read more

Hillary ups her youth vote game with new hires

Hillary Clinton has had her weak points with young voters, to put it mildly, but now that she is the presumptive Democratic nominee, she’s stepping up her game on outreach efforts...  Read more

Why so hard to tell the truth about Orlando?

President Obama left out the words "Islam" and "Muslim" entirely from his remarks to the nation after the Islamic State-inspired attack on a gay nightclub...  Read more

Trump calls for retaliation in wake of Orlando shooting

Donald Trump said the U.S. should step up its military campaign against the Islamic State following the weekend mass shooting in Orlando, Fla...  Read more

The Man's Not for Changing

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's bigoted attacks on a federal district judge, one Republican leader after another last week condemned the candidate's remarks and then publicly declared their hope that Trump will change...  Read more

Benghazi panel subpoenas Pentagon official, has 'serious questions'

Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy said the subpoena would force the Pentagon official to explain whether the long delay in gaining access to the witness was an attempt by the military to cover up his testimony...  Read more

GOP, Trump split on foreign policy

Republican leaders' national security proposal trains a bright spotlight on philosophical disagreements with Donald Trump on foreign affairs...  Read more