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Cruz winning the race for delegates in Colorado

Ted Cruz is well-positioned to beat Donald Trump for delegates in Colorado  Read more

Policy adviser to Trump, Cruz: 'Either of them would be fine'

A former top military intel chief under President Obama said Wednesday that he advises both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on foreign policy, and said he could support either of them as president  Read more

Trump: The most libertarian major candidate left

If you pull back from the entertainment and the salty rhetoric and just stick to policy, Donald Trump is the most libertarian candidate still running for president  Read more

Federal judge warns of “decreasing tolerance for truly free expression” at colleges

Chief Judge Loretta A. Preska, of the U.S. District Court of Southern New York told Harvard Law students that she is concerned with campus “free speech zones,” and other threats to free speech, expression, and debate  Read more

Trump Interested in Arming Japan, South Korea with Nukes

During Tuesday's CNN town hall, Donald Trump repeated his assertion that he might support allowing Japan and South Korea to develop nuclear weapons  Read more

Trump, Not Cruz, Escalated 'Wife Fight' 12:51 PM, MAR 25, 2016

Who started it? The question recalls juvenile disputes between siblings or classmates, but at the moment it's the issue at the center of the increasingly puerile Republican presidential primary  Read more

Panic: If Trump wins nomination, young voters could flee GOP forever

A general election matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump isn’t just undesirable for millennials; it could spell defeat for the Republican Party for years to come  Read more

Millennials prefer socialism “until they get jobs”

Unlike any other generation, the majority of millennials have a favorable view of socialism  Read more

Gingrich blasts Trump for attacking Cruz's wife

"For Trump to get sucked into this at a personal level, tweeting about or repeating a tweet, technically, about Mrs. Cruz is just utterly stupid," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said  Read more

Scott Walker endorses Ted Cruz

Gov. Scott Walker will support Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president in his state's April 5 primary, he announced Tuesday  Read more

Emory's Administration Panders to the Forces of Illiberalism

 Read more

Fidel Castro: Obama should've met with me

Cuba's Fidel Castro was not pleased that President Obama met with current Cuban President Raul Castro on his visit, but not him  Read more

Trump and Ryan compete for control of the GOP

Paul Ryan never intended to fight Donald Trump for control of the Republican Party  Read more

Entrepreneurs banned in D.C.? Regulations stifle new businesses

A college student in Washington D.C. wanted to shine shoes on the side for extra cash, but regulations and bureaucracy ended that idea  Read more

Young, jobless, and radicalized: Terror attacks tied to European youth crisis?

In the wake of the Belgium terrorist attacks, the world faces the grim task of identifying the cause (or causes) and stopping them  Read more

Fox Poll: Millennials choose Cruz over Clinton, Trump

Fox News’ latest poll shows Senator Ted Cruz jumping to a massive 14 percent lead over Secretary Hillary Clinton among voters under the age of 35.  Read more

Trump the unelectable

Trump's negative rating, at 57 percent, is the highest on record for any candidate at this point in the election cycle as measured by CBS/New York Times polls since they started asking the question in 1984.  Read more

He's a One-Man Band

A do-it-yourself presidential campaign won't work.  Read more