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Scarborough: Dems telling voters to go 'straight to hell'

Joe Scarborough argued Monday that the Democratic primary process is a blatant example of voter disenfranchisement  Read more

Can Trump really win it?

The closer Donald Trump gets to the Republican presidential nomination, the worse his position in the general election appears  Read more

Countdown to Cleveland

The rap on Ted Cruz has been that his strength is limited to (1) caucus states and (2) states with large proportions of evangelical Christians  Read more

How Ted Cruz could capture the presidency

The operating assumption for political observers going into the 2016 election has been that Sen. Ted Cruz doesn't stand a chance to win a general election  Read more

The Democratic nomination fight is starting to get interesting

Sen. Sanders has finally taken the gloves off, but it may be too little too late.  Read more

Is this Hillary Clinton’s worst week ever?

Hillary Clinton has had a few stumbles this week, to put it kindly  Read more

Bill Clinton: #BlackLivesMatter defends drug dealers and murders

Bill Clinton was the face of “a place called Hope.”  Read more

Cruz Unloads on Trump

And the mainstream media for being too kind to Trump  Read more

#AnyoneButHillary: 1-in-4 Sanders voters would abandon Clinton in general

Susan Sarandon recently received shock and criticism for suggesting she may not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election  Read more

Clinton attacks Sanders’ free college plan — but her plan has same flaw

Hillary Clinton has started to poke holes in Bernie Sanders’ “free college” plan, but she’s exposed weaknesses in her own plan  Read more

Former Israel ambassador: Sanders owes Israel apology

Israel's former ambassador to the United States thinks Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders owes his country an apology  Read more

Trump can audition for the presidency by fixing his campaign

Trump can prove he is the consummate deal-maker and get to 1,237 delegates, or he can keep complaining about the unfairness of it all while failing to back up his braggadocio  Read more

Cruz Pivots to General: 'Hillary, Get Ready'

Ted Cruz's speech in Wisconsin Tuesday night—one of the best of his presidential campaign—only briefly mentioned his top rival for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump  Read more

Team Trump lashes out at Cruz after devastating Wis. loss

Without a victory in Wisconsin, Trump's road to the Republican nomination is likely to become far more arduous  Read more

Cruz plans next move after trouncing Trump in Wisconsin

The Marquette Law School poll, released last Wednesday, shook up perceptions of the Republican presidential race here in Wisconsin  Read more

Bernie Sanders’ trade policy: Devastating to American workers and the global poor

Bernie Sanders’s views on foreign trade would have negative consequences for American workers and devastate the impoverished in foreign countries  Read more

Young workers threatened by New York’s $15 minimum wage hike

Following the lead of California, New York has passed a statewide minimum wage increase to $15 by 2018  Read more

State sues for-profit college for ripping off students: Non-profit schools next?

The pressure on private for-profit colleges and universities is mounting, as another institution faces allegations of deceptive practices  Read more