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Gun control measures face an uphill battle

The Senate this week will take up a series of gun control bills that have all failed in similar form in the past...  Read more

Donald Trump's fundraising a mystery

The Republican Party has partnered with Donald Trump to raise money for the fall through a joint fundraising committee called "Trump Victory."...  Read more

Nikki Haley’s new law: Students must learn Constitution’s founding principles

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has signed a new law, The South Carolina Founding Principles Act, which will require pubic school students to learn about the Constitution and “the structure of the government...  Read more

Political correctness? Lynch says DOJ will censor Mateen’s pledges to ISIS

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will modify transcripts of the calls Orlando shooter Omar Mateen made from his cellphone, including the calls in which he pledged his allegiance to ISIS...  Read more

Jihadists Under Investigation

The system was blinking red for months prior to the June 12 terrorist attack in Orlando...  Read more

The Obama foreign policy failure no one knows about

The American public has ignored the worst example of Obama’s foreign policy adventurism and its failures — Yemen...  Read more

Bernie never stood a chance: Hacker leaks reveal DNC-Clinton coordination

New leaked documents from the Democratic National Committee proved the fix was in for Hillary Clinton from the beginning, and your candidate never had a chance...  Read more

Obama mocks Trump, but has barred immigrants, many Muslim, 6 times

President Obama has barred huge groups of potentially dangerous immigrants from entering the United States at least six times...  Read more

Kerry concedes: Terrorism is a bigger threat than climate change

Secretary of State John Kerry revealed his subtle change of thinking during his trip to Europe, where he twice indicated that when it comes to global threats, terrorism is first, and climate change is a very close second...  Read more

Don't forget the Clinton Foundation

The conflicts of interest and the number of uncompleted projects could be serious cause for concern...  Read more

Donald Trump goes it alone

As Donald Trump faces heightened media scrutiny and steadily escalating Democratic attacks, including a Hillary Clinton ad blitz in key battleground states his campaign currently lacks the ability to counter, he is increasingly alone...  Read more

Saudi Crown Prince claims Saudi Arabia has funded 20% of Hillary’s Campaign

American voters have been skeptical of Hillary Clinton’s honesty throughout this presidential election...  Read more

Poll: 70% of millennials don’t believe Hillary’s nomination is “historic”

Supporters laud Hillary Clinton’s presumptive nomination as historic, but their view is not in line with the rest of the country...  Read more

Three GOP Senators Condemn Trump's Comment that U.S. Soldiers Stole Money in Iraq

Three GOP senators sounded off Wednesday on Donald Trump's comment that American soldiers stole money intended for Iraqi reconstruction...  Read more

The Diversity Profession

In May, Tennessee lawmakers banned all funding for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville...  Read more

Gary Johnson: Millennials ready for government to “leave them alone” — socially and fiscally

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson frequently boasts about being socially liberal and fiscally conservative — a combination that he says represents the majority of American voters, and that he calls the best of both worlds...  Read more

Trump narrows his Muslim ban, cuts religious test

Donald Trump’s speech on Monday showed the Republican nominee making a slight — but important — pivot on one of his most controversial political positions...  Read more

Carly Fiorina won't lift a finger to help Donald Trump

Donald Trump could really use Carly Fiorina's help right about now...  Read more