Putin has been threatening to invade Ukraine since April but you'll never guess whose fault it is

Credit for this observation goes to Stephen Miller who posted it on Twitter this morning. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been threatening to invade Ukraine (again) and yesterday Washington Post columnist David Ignatius devoted an entire piece to blaming that potential outcome on the president. No, not the current president who has been in office for nearly 11 months, the previous president. His piece is headlined, “Putin barrels toward invading Ukraine, encouraged by Trump.” It’s an embarrassing jumble of nonsense. Here’s how it opens:

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s path toward threatening an invasion of Ukraine is marked by reckless actions. In this move toward defiance of international norms, Putin has been subtly encouraged by former president Donald Trump, a fellow traveler in recklessness…
If Putin does march into Ukraine, one consequence ought to be severe damage for Trump’s political future…before it’s too late, we should examine how Putin has broken through the guardrails with Trump’s silent acquiescence or outright approval.

Source: Hot Air
St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow by Nikolay Vorobyev is licensed under unsplash.com