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Gowdy: FBI never asked Clinton about 'intent' in email probe

FBI agents never asked Hillary Clinton about the intentions behind her mishandling of classified information...  Read more

Court orders State to hand over new Clinton emails by Sept. 13

A federal court ruled Thursday that the State Department has until Sept. 13 to begin handing over emails recovered by the FBI from Hillary Clinton's private server...  Read more

Obamacare Website No Longer Addresses 'You Can Keep Your Doctor'

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" was President Barack Obama's signature catchphrase he used to sell the Affordable Care Act to the American people...  Read more

Is 2016 redrawing the political map?

Is the political map, so familiar that even non-pundits offhandedly refer to red, blue and even purple states, changing before our eyes?...  Read more

Trump makes huge clarification: 'There's no amnesty'

"No citizenship. Let me go a step further: they'll pay back-taxes, they have to pay taxes," Trump said...  Read more

The most libertarian candidate isn’t Gary Johnson

I take no joy in writing this post. I personally interviewed Gov. Gary Johnson just months ago, and I believe him to be an honest man. He was certainly a capable governor...  Read more

Trump reaches out to black voters in historic speech

Donald Trump gave a historic speech in Charlotte on Thursday where he reached out to black voters, promising to fight for them with better education, public safety, and economic opportunities...  Read more

Economists For Hillary?

The Washington Post is excited by a new poll of economists got up by the National Association for Business Economics...  Read more

ISIS in America: Attempted beheading in Virginia

On September 7, 2014, President Obama referred to ISIS as a “JV team” and put down any fear that they might expand as nothing more than right-wing hysteria. Well, it turns out Americans had a right to worry...  Read more

Grad students at private colleges win the right to unionize

Student workers at private colleges and universities across the country can now join labor unions...  Read more

Priebus predicts Trump will take lead from Clinton after Labor Day

Reince Priebus predicted Tuesday that Donald Trump will be at least tied with Hillary Clinton by Labor Day...  Read more

Emails show State Department coordinated diplomacy with Clinton Foundation

Clinton Foundation executives and donors frequently consulted with the secretary of state's office, a new set of emails shows...  Read more

The White House Is Hiding the Missing Link of the Iran Ransom Payment

In an article Monday in the New York Sun, Claudia Rosett may have found one of the missing links in the Obama administration's Iran ransom story...  Read more

Clinton email tech companies hit with subpoenas

The Science, Space and Technology Committee ordered Austin McChord, CEO of Datto, Inc., to appear at a hearing on Sept. 9 to testify about his firm's involvement with Hillary Clinton's email server...  Read more

Call logs show frequent contact between Clinton Foundation, State Department

Call logs from the office of Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department, show Mills had frequent contact with top executives at the Clinton Foundation...  Read more

Clinton campaign vows to destroy Breitbart

Following Donald Trump’s appointment of Stephen K. Bannon, the head of Breitbart News, as his new campaign chairman, the Clinton campaign has begun attacks on the conservative news website...  Read more

What to expect from Trump’s immigration speech

Donald Trump is expected to give a major speech on immigration this week, and the media is already speculating that the Republican nominee will abandon his base and embrace amnesty in order to win a larger portion of the Latino vote...  Read more

Can Merkel Ban the Burka?

How on earth does Angela Merkel think she is going to get re-elected?...  Read more