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Latina student campaigns for Trump on the South Texas border

24-year-old Miriam Cepeda is part of an unlikely group: young, Latina women who support Donald Trump for president...  Read more

Millennials #FeelTheJohnson, Hillary falls to 37%

A new poll from Fox News confirms Libertarian Party nominee and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson solidifying support among millennials — and gaining support among conservatives...  Read more

Pence emerges as possible Trump running mate

While Indiana Gov. Mike Pence may not have directly spoken with Trump about the vice presidential spot, an "individual knowledgeable of conversations about the decision" told NBC that Pence is "in play."...  Read more

A Big Step Toward Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

For six years, it has been abundantly clear that Americans want Obamacare to be repealed—but only if a well-conceived conservative alternative is positioned to take its place  Read more

Clarence Thomas: Secret hero for millennials

In light of the 25th anniversary of Justice Clarence Thomas’ nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, Red Alert Politics participated in a teleforum call with The Federalist Society to find out how the justice appeals to millennials...  Read more

Judge expands probe of Clinton donor meetings

A conservative group had obtained correspondence from the State Department that suggested former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have met with donors to the Clinton Foundation while on diplomatic trips...  Read more

Senate OKs Puerto Rico rescue, sends to Obama

The legislation, which President Obama plans to sign, will authorize the creation of a financial control board empowered with the ability to restructure Puerto Rico's staggering debt...  Read more

Beware, STEM students: Hillary’s tech plan gives jobs to foreign grads

Hillary Clinton’s new technology plan isn’t all good news for millennials, as it could be harder for them to get a job...  Read more

Be Careful What You Vote For

Rarely has a vote had such an immediate effect. On May 7, Austin residents elected not to overturn restrictions on ridesharing companies their city council passed in December...  Read more

State Dept., White House decry Istanbul bombings

The White House and State Department both decried the terrorists who bombed the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, late Tuesday...  Read more

Clinton leads Trump in 5 battleground states

Of the half dozen states in which PPP surveyed likely general election voters, Clinton currently leads Trump in all but one...  Read more

Even after Obamacare mandate, many millennials cannot afford health insurance

Health care expenses have proven too high for a larger majority of the millennial generation, which has continued to resist purchasing health insurance for a multitude reasons, largely due to affordability...  Read more

Free college program: Oregon administrators already demanding more funds

Oregon’s free community college initiative won’t start for a few more months, but college presidents have already warned about problems that could prevent its success...  Read more

U.S. Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion safety law

In a 5-3 decision for Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a series of Texas abortion safety laws known collectively as HB2...  Read more

Extremism expert: Campus conservatives face real discrimination

Professor Brian Levin, a court-certified expert on extremism, has strong words for academia: if it is in favor of diversity, then conservative students and speakers should have their say on campus, too...  Read more

No sign of Brexit reverse: 'The people of Britain have spoken'

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave strong indications Monday that the U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union is real and won't be reversed...  Read more

Trump campaign hires Cruz's top PR man

Donald Trump has hired the senior communications advisor to former candidate Ted Cruz to head the campaign's press shop...  Read more

With Trump, the GOP Is Heading Toward Oblivion

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported on the Republican National Committee's efforts to squelch the "Dump Trump" movement among delegates...  Read more