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Why Trump is right about media bias

The media continues to spin the narrative that the wheels are falling off the Trump campaign...  Read more

Mexico gamble a huge win for Trump

About an hour before Donald Trump made his joint statement with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, a strategist in Trump's extended circle saw success on the horizon...  Read more

Trump doesn't soften on immigration but skips some details

If you were looking for a big softening on immigration from Donald Trump Wednesday night, you didn't get it...  Read more

Former Ambassador: Obama Allowing Slaughter in Syria to Preserve Iran Nuclear Deal

In an op-ed at the Atlantic Council, former ambassador Frederic C. Hof condemns President Barack Obama's "passivity" during the bloody conflict in Syria, both on the battlefield and before the public eye, for the sake of preserving the Iran nuclear deal...  Read more

Why did Hillary allow Huma to be a triple-dipper?

Hillary Clinton has gone to unusual lengths, including the granting of special government employee status, to surround herself with utterly loyal sycophants like Huma Abedin...  Read more

It's official: Trump is going to Mexico

Donald Trump is considering a last-minute trip to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday...  Read more

As Rand Paul focuses on reelection, he’s still expanding GOP to next-generation voters

Conservatives are defined by their adherence to tradition and a reverence for liberty...  Read more

University hires former Islamic terrorist as homeland security expert

George Washington University hired a de-radicalized Muslim extremist to work at its Center for Cyber and Homeland Security, according to a CNN report...  Read more

Inside the Trump Diversity Outreach Machine

The invitation promised Omarosa, the much loved/hated star of "The Apprentice."...  Read more

Why drug legalization will not end the cartel

Marijuana is already legal in four states and voters in eight more will cast their ballot this November on whether their state will allow recreation pot...  Read more

Johnson surges, Clinton falls with millennials in new poll

While Reuters polling is inferring that millennials will not vote in high numbers, new data from Monmouth shows a different trend. As we’ve shown, Hillary Clinton is on the decline with millennials...  Read more

Obama preps for climate change talks in Asia

Climate change will be high on the agenda when Obama sits down with Chinese President Xi Jinping and other top officials going into the major meeting of industrialized nations...  Read more

Clinton's use of BleachBit avoided 'money trail' in email destruction

Hillary Clinton's decision to use BleachBit to scrub her private email server could have been based on the fact that the free software can be downloaded and used with complete anonymity...  Read more

Aiding and Abedin

As Bill Clinton entered the final year of his presidency, his aides put together a legacy-building trip to South Asia—the first visit to the region by a U.S. president since Jimmy Carter's in 1978...  Read more

The resentment election

Some presidential elections are fueled by fear. Ronald Reagan won in 1980 because the country was afraid of developments at home and abroad...  Read more

What Trump has taught us about immigration

Republican nominee's machinations reveal some areas of agreement on a polarizing hot-button topic...  Read more

Rise of the millennial entrepreneur: Scrappy, side-hustling disrupters are “restarting America”

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce today. Over a quarter (27 percent) are self-employed, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and a much larger 67 percent say they plan to start their own companies...  Read more

Hillary slams for-profit colleges: Will Bill return his $16 million salary from one?

Hillary Clinton continues to crusade against for-profit schools, despite the fact that Bill made millions from one...  Read more