Uyghur-American Religious Freedom Official Nury Turkel: China’s Genocide Is a ‘Threat’ to U.S. Sovereignty

Turkel, the first U.S.-educated Uyghur attorney and co-founder of the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP), appeared on the program with host Alex Marlow to discuss his recently released book, No Escape: The True Story of China’s Genocide of the Uyghurs. In it, Turkel describes his early life in East Turkistan, the Uyghur homeland now occupied by China and renamed the “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region,” as well as retelling the harrowing stories of Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities who escaped East Turkistan after enduring a litany of human rights atrocities including torture in concentration camps.

Turkel told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow that Americans can help Uyghurs enduring a genocidal campaign at China’s hand by pressuring government officials to “fully implement the existing laws” that ban American companies from importing products manufactured through Uyghur slavery and by understanding the threat China poses to their country, beyond that which it poses to its own citizens.

“The American people need to recognize that this is about our future – lending your voice, speaking out on behalf of the Uyghurs against this criminal regime in Beijing [is] not only moral obligation, this is about our future,” Turkel said. “We have a history of speaking out when we see religious persecution, when religious liberty is under attack. And now, not only that, our sovereignty is under threat.”

“The transnational repression is here. The Chinese keep sending tainted consumer products made by our fellow human beings who are enslaved to our marketplace … products like cotton products, solar panels, electronics, PPEs, beauty products."


Source: Breitbart
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