Uh Oh: Democrats are Bleeding Support with One of Their Key Voting Blocs

Democrats have a problem. They’re about to enter shaky ground with some of their key voter blocs. Yes, they gained mucho with white college-educated liberals. The flip side is that the base has become so left-wing that even black and Hispanic voters are fleeing the party. It’s not just in one state. Hispanics from California to Florida fled the Democrats in 2020. Black voters too. It wasn’t enough to prevent Trump from losing the election, but if white liberals continue to control more of the agenda—it could become an issue. White liberals are increasingly more left-wing than black and Hispanic constituencies. The ‘defund the police’ antics accelerated the diaspora. 

Both latter communities want more police around. White liberals and these nonwhite voter blocs are not on the same page on immigration, racial resentment, and other issues that you see the ‘woke’ whine about. David Shor, a former 2012 Obama veteran, noted that the influx of white liberals into the party ranks did one thing regarding black and Hispanic voters—it made them vote more like white conservatives. With Hispanic voters, not only was Trump’s 2020 support underestimated, but Latinas fueled the surge in support (via NYT).

Hispanic voters are not gung-ho about a pathway to citizenship. It’s not unpopular per se, but it barely breaks 50 percent support. This narrative that ALL Hispanic voters are pro-amnesty is a byproduct of ultra-left-wing white liberals assigning a voter narrative to a voter constituency where the data is appallingly absent. Also, despite all the liberal media’s highlighting of Trump’s immigration policy and how it was supposedly racist, Hispanic voters didn’t see it as such. Liberal blogger Kevin Drum has a different take, where he noted that age-old assumption that the GOP is primed to win large swaths of the Hispanic vote if they just moderated their message. In fact, the opposite happened. The Antifa/Woke sects infected the Democratic base, radicalized them, and sent Latinos running for the hills before a Marxist nightmare engulfed them (via Jabberwocking).

Source: Townhall
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