Toria Brooke talks Trump lawsuits, Andrew Tate, J6 and more

On Friday, citizen journalist, news personality, and court reporter Toria Brooke was featured on Valuetainment's show, SOSCAST with host Adam Sosnick. Republican Florida Congressman Fabian Basabe and conservative podcaster Linda Catalina were also guests on the panel.

Sosnick fielded several questions regarding President Trump's controversial behavior and his track record that has won so many hearts.

The host asked Toria's opinion on Trump's recent remarks that he would be a dictator "only on Day 1" being back in office.

"I think he was making fun of the media because every single thing he says gets twisted—like the bloodbath comment that was really about the auto industry," Toria replied, "DJT once said "all press is good press." He thrives off the media twisting his words, but he’s smart for that. He takes control of the situation and he’s not afraid of what’s to come."

A liberal guest on the panel, Pixie, went head-to-head with Linda Catalina on the logistics of January 6, 2021, and whether Donald J. Trump caused the "insurrection."

Catalina said that the FBI was withholding details on the pipe bombers. Toria responded, "Here’s why; there were paid assets and federal employees that were on the grounds, and they don’t want to expose those identities because that would expose the whole plot. I am fully convinced that people who pretend to be on our side actually did J6 and I think the entire thing was to make Trump look stupid, his followers look unintelligent, and I believe the reason Trump called people to go on J6 was so they could witness what actually happened. True MAGA supporters were not causing any violence, and you could tell the clear difference between the two."

Sosnick asked each member of the panel what the top issue in the 2024 election season is.

Toria said, "The illegal surveillance of Americans re: FISA Section 702, the FBI unlawfully surveilled so many Americans, and we should be using this against foreign and domestic terrorists."

Sosnick asked, "Was this part of Homeland Security in 2001 or what was this?"

"This was in the last decade."

"So you're saying the number one issue to you is...?"

"The illegal surveillance of Americans," Toria reaffirmed "And censorship."

Sosnick replied, "So you're in the RFK camp, what he had to say?"

"I think RFK is like some of the others who can use certain talking points. I'm not saying that he's a bad guy, I just think he was thrown into the mix to take votes away from both sides, but Donald J. Trump said so himself, "I love that he's running," because he said that RFK is more of an issue for the Democrats than he is for us."

The panel guests exchanged talking points on the issue of abortion and whether it will cost Trump the election.

Toria discussed a former Planned Parenthood head referring to abortion as the "fries and soda* of the business" a comparison to the hot commodities of McDonald's.

Congressman Basabe advocated for the idea of choice, to which Toria replied, "I advocate for education on the reality of abortion if candidates are going to push for "choice."'

Sosnick then asked Toria whether she believes taking a stance against abortion will cost Trump the election.

"We are in the state of this country because we have sacrificed our morals, and the nuclear family has been completely destroyed," Toria said.

"As Christian conservatives, I don’t think you should waiver just because it’s a political issue. If that’s the case, then what do you really stand for?"

Toria continued, "We’re in a season right now where you gotta put your foot forward and be strong in your convictions. I side with the Supreme Law of the Land, and whatever they’re going to decide is what I’ll stand with, but I believe that as Christians, you’re allowed to have a strong stance."

Sosnick asked Toria, "Why is it so hard for conservative women, maybe like yourself, to embrace someone like "toxic masculinity" like [Andrew] Tate?"

"I think that's an inaccurate way to describe him," Toria responded "As I've previously stated, I think he's a fraud. I think he's a fraudulent representation of what a "toxic masculinity" [man] is."

Weighing in on the topic that was supposed to be discussed in this episode, "Is Trump Going to Jail or Not," Toria flipped the script and discussed Trump's civil fraud case in New York: "True "toxic masculinity" if you want to talk legitimates, it's not anything good, it's Joe Biden and the two-tier system of justice."

Toria continued, "I mean, if you want to talk about the economy and what's going on in New York right now with Trump's trials and whether or not "he's going to jail or not," you know, Deutsche Bank had an ongoing relationship with Trump. And they lent him tons of money that went into his real estate. Trump pledged assets that he already owned to secure the loans."

"Deutsche Bank testified on the stand that [Trump] gave back all the money they lent him. And still, the State came back and they said well, [Trump] caused harm because now that money that was given to him, you know, it should've been given to small businesses. Here's the thing, Deutsche Bank only gives, minimum, $100M loans."

In other words, the State of New York did not know what they were talking about regarding the legalities of the loans from the bank.

"So, if you want to talk about the two-tier system of justice and how masculinity should be, we need stronger male figures in America to reverse what's going on right now and be an example so that other men take charge so that people like Tate can take a seat."

Toria continued, "If we want to talk about the economy as one of the paramount issues here, and talk about men being leaders, well, why is the economy so bad? Why do we have a two-tier system of justice that's trying to prevent people from owning property and creating wealth? Well, because we have a lot of low-testosterone men running around, or people parading around as high-testosterone men that are purportedly setting examples for other men, like Andrew Tate."

Sosnick replied, "So what is it about Tate specifically that you think is a horrible example to men?"

"I think, by design, Tate was inserted into this movement. . . his program, [Hustlers University]. . .Literally, you have young people that are blasting his videos [on TikTok], which is obviously going to override the algorithm, so any content could be blasted, it could be him saying, "I like cotton candy," that content is going to be blasted over everything else. So he created a way to manipulate content in his favor and push agendas to have men "womanize" but then, "Oh, well, if a woman has a certain body count then she's a harem. Or however he wants to call it. The man wants to claim that he has Christian values but then he preaches about islam, so which is it?"

Sosnick: "Well, he converted to Islam."

"Yeah, later on. But I would say there's about ten talking points he has; a couple of them might resonate with conservatives but I could say to Pixie, "Oh, hey, I know how to be a liberal and I went to art school so I am going to go act like a liberal now and maybe because I'm attractive, people will believe me. His dad was CIA, he's talked about this in interviews; he has the ability to manipulate perspective."

When Sosnick again tried to compared Tate to Donald Trump, Linda Catalina chimed in and reminded Sosnick that Tate made his fortune by porn through the web cam industry.

When asked who she would pick for President Trump's Vice Presidential pick, Toria said she'd roll with whoever Trump chose, but insisted, Dan Scavino, "The Most Dangerous Man in Politics" wouldn't be a bad choice.

To close the show, Sosnick asked each guest to, "say something nice" about the opposition candidate.

Toria said, of Joe Biden, "Well he’s helped boost conservative sales because we can make great T-shirts about him. One of my favorite shirts we’ve made is "Impeach Him" and the "i" is an ice cream cone. Go buy one." (Blue version/Black version)