Say, How Do You Feel About Bringing Back Those Covid Rules?

There seems to be a stubborn sector of our officialdom desperately seeking to prolong our latent fear of that virus from you-know-where and extend government’s Covid controls. The latest is that evil D.V. (Delta Variant).

Well, good news. Perhaps you’ve noticed at the convenience store, in the post office, the break room. That pathetic effort of restoring government controls is failing. Crumbling might be a better word for it.

Understandably, a year ago in the face of so many unknowns and inchoate fears combined with confusing government directions (Two weeks to flatten the curve 68 weeks ago), Americans were ready – almost eager – to believe any warning, take any precaution to avoid possible exposure to an invisible you-know-what from you-know-where. And media fed this panic porn with death toll headlines that seemed a little too happy.

A new random survey of 4,843 adult Americans found a substantial majority reported their socializing is completely back to normal.

A tiny fearful fraction of five percent say they continue to completely isolate themselves from non-household members. Last year, that figure got as high as 75 percent.

Source: RedState