Republicans Are Questioning Whether They Want Trump Again

There are rumblings out there, rumblings that have increased noticeably in recent weeks, that maybe it’s time to say “Thanks” to President Trump for his yeoman service and move on. It’s nothing personal, just business – everyone appreciates the president’s accomplishments, most notably his taking a sledgehammer to the garbage bipartisan establishment and its media toadies. But we need to win next time. Up until lately, it seemed like the base was all-in on the Donald pulling the full Grover Cleveland and returning in 2024 to vanquish noted border-avoider Kamala Harris, since it’s pretty obvious that the Asterisk is not going to stagger over the four-year finish line. Yet cons are now clearly considering their options.

Intrigued by the word I was hearing on the street – I’m like the Huggy Bear of conservatism – I ran a poll on my @KurtSchlichter Twitter account to check my extremely Trump-friendly audience leanings. I expected about 65 percent would be all in on the president heading into round two. I got something very different.

First, I set the ground rules and assumptions. Read on here.
Source: Townhall
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