REPORT: Russian special unit accused of causing Havana Syndrome in US officials overseas

According to a report that was discussed during an episode of CBS' "60 Minutes," U.S. intelligence officials are accusing Russia’s secretive 29155 unit of potential attacks on U.S. officials overseas who are experiencing unusual symptoms that qualify as "Havana Syndrome".

Fox News published an article on the matter, and notes, "The report comes after a 2023 government report on the mysterious illnesses concluded it is "very unlikely" that a foreign adversary is responsible, despite over 100 Americans having symptoms scientists have said could be caused by a beam of microwaves or acoustic sound."

Former Army lieutenant colonel Greg Edgreen, who led a Pentagon investigator into what are officially known as "anomalous health incidents," told "60 Minutes": "Unfortunately, I can't get into specifics, based on the classification. But I can tell you, at a very early stage, I started to focus on Moscow."

The alleged Havana Syndrome attacks have reportedly targeted White House staff, CIA officers, FBI agents, military officers and family members. The report states that many that are suffering from the mysterious illnesses believe they were targeted by a secret weapon capable of firing high-energy beams of microwaves or ultrasound.

It's worth noting that the same parties who pushed the Russiagate Hoax against former President Donald J. Trump are in support of the allegations.

This is a developing story.