President Trump signs off on Afroman’s new song ‘Hunter Got High’

In a surprising moment in history, 'Colt 45' rapper Afroman released a new single under Baste Records, 'Hunter Got High' which details Hunter Biden and acts of the Biden crime family.

According to an article from Newsweek, Afroman says he would like to perform 'Hunter Got High' at future Trump rallies.

In a statement, The American Beat wrote, "Despite the music industry being gate kept by a group of corrupt and woke corporations who cow-tow for the Biden administration, Baste Records and Afroman’s “Hunter Got High” has achieved Billboard status with a No. 8 on both the R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales and Rap Digital Song Sales lists."

The statement continued, "We were able to achieve this by bypassing the streaming system which is rigged against right-wing counter-culture artists. Streaming as an industry is based on a model where people steal intellectual property from artists. Streaming is the mail-in ballot of the music industry."

Former President Donald J. Trump gave his stamp of approval on Afroman's new song, 'Hunter Got High' exposing the Biden crime family. Trump put his famous signature over the original press release, stating that the song is, "So great!"

'Hunter Got High' is exposing the Biden crime family, and you can help make it go number 1! Listen to "Hunter Got High" here.