NEW YORK: MAGA Patriots Surround Trump Tower in Support of President Trump

An emotionally charged group of MAGA patriots rallied around Trump Tower in Manhattan on Friday morning to get a glimpse of President Trump after his 11 AM ET press conference.

The former President gave remarks following receiving a unaninimous rigged guilty verdict for 34 charges wherein he is accused of trying to illegally influence the 2016 election through a "hush money payment" to porn star Stormy Daniels, who alleges the two had an affair.

Trump became the first former U.S. president to be convicted of [purported] felonies.

It is widely understood among freedom-focused Americans that the entire trial has been a continuation of the witch hunt that began with Russiagate; all to deter Trump from campaigning for the 2024 election.

It's worth noting that during the trial, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen admitted to stealing from the Trump Organization. Cohen allegedly sought a reimbursement from the company for $50,000 to pay a tech vendor, Red Finch.

Despite the media's continual effort to attack former President Trump and his family, the American people have not let in. Trump had an immense crowd of support in the Bronx ahead of Memorial Day weekend, and that same supportive energy showed out in New York on Friday.

Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia wrote: "Another shot near Trump Tower. There are literally thousands of people going on for blocks and blocks and blocks. I’ve never seen Midtown this crowded before. Even though the fake news would have you believe otherwise, New York is Trump Country!"

Early on during Trump's press conference, he said, "You saw what happened to some of the witnesses that were on our side; they were literally crucified by this man who looks like an angel, but he’s really a devil. You saw this with a certain witness who went through hell."

Trump continued, "When we wanted to do things, he wouldn’t let us do those things, but when the government wanted something—they got everything."

"District Attorney Alvin Bragg is really supposed to be looking at violent crime. While a man is wielding a machete in at McDonalds, Bragg was watching a trial that they call "crimes"… they’re falsifying business records; I’ve never done that. It means that legal expense, I paid a lawyer (totally legal) a legal expense. And a bookkeeper correctly marked it down in the books as a legal expense. I said, "What else are you going to call it?"

"I would have testified." Trump said. "The theory is, you never testify—anybody—if it were George Washington, don’t testify. Because it’ll get you into something that you said 'slightly wrong' and they sue you for perjury. But I wanted to [testify]."

Trump continued, "The judge wanted to go into everything I was involved with, which is a first. So legal expense marked as legal expense, this is the 'crime' that I’m supposed to go to jail for 187 years for, when you have violent crime all over this city that nobody has ever seen before."

"I could go through the books of any business person and say, "Let’s indict him, let’s destroy his life." Trump said. "But I’m out there, and I don’t mind being out there because I’m doing something for this country and I’m doing something for our Constitution. It’s very important—far beyond me."

"This can’t be allowed to happen to other Presidents. It should never be allowed to happen in the future. But this is far beyond me—this is bigger than Trump! This is bigger than me, this is bigger than my Presidency! And the people understand it cause I’ve just seen a poll from The Daily Mail last night after the verdict where I’m up 6 points!"

The immense support that Trump received in New York on Friday is a testament to the red wave that is quickly turning into a tsunami ahead of the November 5, 2024 Presidential election.