Nearly 90 percent of shoppers have changed their shopping habits due to inflation

The Food Industry Association, FMI, recently released a report detailing US shopping trends, and revealed that a shocking majority of shoppers have had to change what they buy, and how much they buy, at grocery stores amidst skyrocketing prices.

The report found that 86 percent of American consumers are concerned about rising food prices, and have subsequently changed the way they shop.

According to the report, "US Grocery Shopper Trends 2022 – Navigating a Hybrid World," supply chain issues post-Covid have left the grocery industry facing serious challenges.For consumers, this translates to higher prices.

Of those who said they were concerned about the rising cost of food, fifty-nine percent said they're looking for deals, and thirty-five percent said they were making the switch to "store brands."

There has also been a shift in what people are buying. The report found that fifty-two percent of meat-eaters have sought smaller portions, with around a third saying they have cut out beef and/or chicken entirely.

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