MSNBC Host Throws a Bit of a Tantrum Over How American Voters Don't Like Joe Biden

Joe Biden is just not popular. His agenda sucks. His presidency sucks. And the 2022 midterms are geared for a massive red wave that could render him irrelevant.

The generic GOP ballot has a ten-point advantage over Democrats, according to The Washington Post’s poll. It’s the first time a gap that wide has ever been recorded. Rising inflation is an issue. There’s a global supply chain crisis. Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan. And illegal aliens continue to flood the border. It’s a mess—and Biden seems incapable of handling…anything.

He has task forces to handle these issues and they never solve the problem, which feeds the narrative that this man cannot govern and is wholly incompetent. There’s nothing he can do to pivot out of this right now. Not even the liberal media can spin this disaster. You know they’re cornered when the liberal media starts blaming us for rising inflation. They blame us for the crisis. Yeah, declaring war on the American people sure sounds like a winning message. 

MSNBC’s Joy Reid seemed to have a tough time accepting that the American people just don’t like this guy (via Fox News):

Source: Townhall
Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0