More Evidence Emerges That Joe Biden Is Not Well

Joe Biden’s disastrous G7 performance has been well documented here at RedState. From his getting played by Vladimir Putin to his partisan rantings against Republicans to his train wreck of a press conference (before his other train wreck of a press conference), it’s been an eventful week.

Unfortunately, it’s not over yet, and more evidence is emerging that the current President of the United States is simply not well.

Let’s take a look at the timeline. Yesterday, he was 2.5 hours late for a NATO press conference, offering no explanation for his extreme tardiness.
  After finally showing up, Biden then started to call on reporters from a pre-selected list prepared by his handlers. That’s when his brain locked up harder than an engine starved of oil.


Source: RedState
Joe Biden by Marc Nozell is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0