Midterm elections: Immigration, Title 42 leave Democrats in 'bad shape,' campaign experts say

An already tough midterm year for Democrats is poised to get rougher when the Bidenadministration rescinds Title 42 next month, a move experts warn could lead to a rush of migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

In interviews with Fox News Digital, pollsters say ending the pandemic-era expulsions along the U.S.-Mexico border is another big problem for Democrats trying to cling onto their narrow majorities in the House and the Senate. 

"Democrats are in bad shape — some would say terrible shape — for the midterm elections," Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, told Fox News Digital. "The Title 42 controversy does nothing to help them and probably makes the outlook worse for Democrats.

"The dead giveaway is that moderate and endangered Democrats in Congress are raising hell and defecting from the Biden administration's plans."

Source: Fox News
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