Matt Walsh says AOC rejecting money for abuela is 'scandalous': 'They could've helped the whole community'

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to speak about his "philanthropy" after he led a campaign that raised over $100,000 for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's, D-N.Y., grandmother, which was ultimately rejected by her family according to GoFundMe. 

"She's a wealthy, single woman who has two apartments and a Tesla she just recently bought apparently," Walsh said about the Democratic congresswoman on Monday. "She for whatever reason refused to help her own grandmother. We said, ‘Alright, you know what? We'll get together and we’ll raise the money. We raised $100,000 in ten hours, okay? We probably could've raised a million dollars if they'd let the fundraiser continue, but someone, ‘someone' … in abuela's family shut down the fundraiser about ten hours into it and said that she didn't want the money."

Walsh insisted the refusal of the money "raises a lot of questions" like if Ocasio-Cortez's grandmother "really wasn't in dire straits," or if the Democratic squad member "prefer for her grandmother to live in that state suffering rather than take money from us."   

"I think either way it's sort of scandalous on AOC's part," Walsh told Fox News' Tucker Carlson. 

Source: Fox News
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