KING OF HEARTS: 91% of Dr. Phil’s audience voting for Trump after interview

Unlike prior interviews, Donald J. Trump's interview with TV host Dr. Phil revealed a different side of the former President.

President Trump's demeanor was more relaxed and at ease than in prior one-on-one interviews.

Instead of asking Trump all about policy and straight-line issues, Dr. Phil treated the President like a human being and asked questions that the world—and Trump's supporters—all want to know.

Dr. Phil explained, to an audience that may not know the extent of the attacks against the former President, "You've taken every shot you could imagine—you've been criticized, attacked, called every name in the book, they've turned the judicial system, intelligence community, media, and the internet against you."

He then asked President Trump, "How do you deal with that stress?"

Trump was candid in his response, "Two things—One, I don't like thinking about. Out of sight, out of mind."

"Two, I have tremendous support. I have the People's support."

Emily Crane of The New York Post pointed to a poignant part of the interview:

"Former President Donald Trump [said] Biden is being controlled by “very evil forces” with a “sick ideology.”

Trump, 77, dropped the claim during a wide-ranging interview with Dr. Phil Thursday when the TV psychologist asked him about the “darkest” moments he’s faced in the wake of his historic criminal conviction and a slew of other ongoing legal battles.  

“You have to be very strong. You’re fighting very evil forces and they’re very smart forces,” the Republican told Phil McGraw."

Following the interview, there are videos circulating online of Dr. Phil audience members who are in favor of President Trump.

The Post Millennial shared a clip to X: "A member of Dr. Phil’s audience said that watching his interview with Trump gave her a new perspective on him and that the media has been misrepresenting him."
Another audience member said "a lot of her friends who voted for Biden are now switching their votes to Trump."

"I'm upset with my 401k, I'm upset when I go to the grocery store and they're all voting for Trump now" At this point, the only way Democrats can beat Trump is to cheat again."

Arguably the heaviest-hitting point of the interview, Dr. Phil made comments to Trump about 'not seeking revenge,' to which the President responded, "Well, revenge does take time. I will say that… and sometimes revenge can be justified."

Dr. Phil held a poll at the conclusion of the show, wherein 91% said they would vote for a convicted felon over Biden.
The numbers speak to the ever-evolving support that the President has received since his sham guilty verdict from the hush money trial in Manhattan. 

According to the Trump campaign, the President has raised $141 million in the days after the verdict.