Fake vaccination card market flourishing

The vaccination mandates are starting to roll out at all levels now, including one for all federal workers. State and municipal governments are following suit, as are some private employers. Simply saying that you’ve been vaccinated isn’t enough, however. You have to have some form of proof. In the United States, the most common form of such identification is the flimsy, white, cardboard card from the CDC that most people receive after getting their jab(s). Since vaccination records are not routinely tracked in any sort of national database, that’s basically all the proof that’s available.

Since a significant portion of the nation is still either holding off on being vaccinated until more testing is complete or refusing entirely, this situation has opened up a new field of opportunity for those willing to cut corners to dodge the rules. A black market for the sale of bogus vaccination cards is now thriving. According to the Wall Street Journal, the same thing is happening all across the European Union as well. And officials are mostly at a loss as to what to do about it.

If this is taking anyone by surprise at this point, they simply haven’t been paying attention. The vaccines weren’t being widely distributed in the United States until late December of last year or January. It took approximately one day for the fake CDC cards to begin showing up since people anticipated the need for them when the inevitable mandates came into play. By early April, law enforcement was already looking into ways to crack down on sales over the internet. If you didn’t want to take the risk of shopping on the black market, helpful YouTube guides quickly came out showing you how to make one for yourself.


Source: Hot Air
shots by Military Health System is licensed under DoD Photo