Cuomo to private businesses: Maybe start imposing a "vaccine only admission" policy

Dumb on many levels, not the least of which is that it comes from Governor Put-COVID-Cases-Back-Among-Elderly himself. Someone must have explained to Andrew Cuomo that a renewed mandate on private businesses would not work, either legally (perhaps) or practically. Instead, Cuomo said this morning that he’s “only suggesting” to them to adopt a de facto vaccination-passport policy:

I’ve already covered the first level of stupid above, but let’s recap anyway. Cuomo himself couldn’t be bothered to impose a restriction on nursing homes to prevent known positive cases from being readmitted. In fact, Cuomo ordered those facilities to readmit positive cases as well as employ known-positive staff, and then cooked the books in an attempt to hide the horrific consequences his orders had. Who still thinks Cuomo is a credible authority on how to impose admissions restrictions in this pandemic? We might as well take advice from Typhoid Mary.

Source: Hot Air