Conservative think tank creates 'A to Z guide' for stopping critical race theory in schools

Parents across the country are standing up and speaking out against critical race theory in schools. From Loudoun County, Virginia, to Carmel, New York, school board meetings have become must-see TV. But what happens when the cameras turn off? How can parents turn their outrage into meaningful change?

In documents obtained exclusively by Fox News, Citizens for Renewing America (the advocacy arm of Vought’s conservative think tank) has created an "A to Z guide" for stopping critical race theory. 

Vought said the 33-page handbook is a crash course in CRT, a "one-stop shopping" for parents trying to hold their school board members accountable. 

"Our role is to be a resource to parents, to be a resource to state legislatures, to help them understand the theory, to understand the buzzwords," said Vought.

In addition to explaining what CRT is, the handbook is a guide for anti-CRT activists to grow their social network and even run a successful school board campaign.

Source: Fox News
Tucker Carlson speaking by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Wikimedia Commons