BREAKING: X suspends ad revenue capabilities for former Trump Assistant AG Jeff Clark

On Friday, former Assistant Attorney General Jeff Clark announced on X that his ad revenue capabilities were suspended.

Jeff Clark is the former President Trump-selected and Senate-confirmed Assistant Attorney General of the Environment & Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Justice Department.

The suspension of Clark's ad revenue capabilities comes just a day after he attended former President Trump's hush money trial in New York City, providing commentary and observations. This morning, prior to his ad revenue being revoked, Clark gave an interview on Steve Bannon's War Room.

Clark joined War Room to discuss Joe Biden asserting executive privilege to block the release of audio recordings of Biden's interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding his mishandling of classified documents.

Another Deep State target, Steve Bannon's appeal of his contempt of Congress conviction was denied on May 10, for ignoring a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021.


In a post on X, Jeff Clark wrote:

"I have been participating in X ad revenue sharing over the last two months.

Now, as my account approaches 75,000 followers, the feature has been suspended for me based on a suppose violation of creator content rules.

I’ve not yet been given any details.

Since this comes the day after I went to New York City to observe and comment on the trial of President Trump (which sent MSNBC into a tizzy), I can’t help but think this isn’t coincidence.

Please help, @elonmusk. I also ask my followers to repost this with support.

My followers know I simply post news clips or screen shots with comments, which is all fair use."
Clark additionally wrote, "If only the Dems actually tried to help people as they claim instead of trying to rig every system they can to entrench their own power."

No stranger to being targeted for his fight for freedom, Clark defeated efforts by the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel to have him disbarred for a letter he drafted in which he outlined what he perceived as "significant concerns" regarding the 2020 election in Georgia. Clark is a defendant in the ongoing racketeering case against Trump in Georgia.

Elon Musk has made changes to X, but many conservative users on the platform continue to experience shadow banning, ad revenue suspension (myself included), and reduced visibility by Twitter codes installed by previous engineers and executives. Many of these deboost findings have been detailed by X cloding sleuth, The Parzival.

In an email to Elon Musk on May 10, 2024, I wrote, "Currently, I’m trying to appeal the decision for my ad revenue capabilities being revoked. I was banned from generating ad revenue from the original Twitter1.0 bans.

I would love to continue your mission of free speech on X, and be monetized for the first time in 4 years. It’s been tough but I do my best to report on both breaking and global news.

Thank you for what you are doing for free speech."

As of Friday, May 17 at 5:27 PM ET, I have not received a response.

Multiple conservative voices on X rallied behind Jeff. One user wrote, "Jeff there is a mass throttling ongoing of conservative accounts (even @catturd2), coincidentally just a couple of days after illegit AG Garland threatened to censor conservative accounts…"
The throttling of conservative accounts at-large is a point of concern. It would behoove the X or "Twitter 2.0" team to prioritize the reinstatement of Jeff Clark's ad revenue capabilities, as well as so many others.

For those who are not familiar with Clark's work, the former Assistant Attorney General boasts an impressive resume, as he was named and simultaneously served as the former Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice's Civil Division from 2020 to 2021. By the end of 2020, Clark was responsible for supervising approximately 1,400 lawyers at the Department of Justice. 

Jeff carried out a deregulatory agenda by helping to restrict the DOJ’s powers to seek civil penalty relief Congress did not adopt and by shepherding many of the Trump Administration’s most controversial regulations through the courts.

Jeff also argued many of his own cases, achieving about an 80% win rate in the Environment Division and about a 67% win rate in the Civil Division. Jeff has argued at least one appeal in all 13 federal circuit courts of appeal.

A Senior Fellow and Director of Litigation at Center for Renewing America, Clark's areas of expertise include advocating to secure our borders, combating the woke and weaponized, and promoting healthy communities.