Blackburn: Biden Tariff Cuts a ‘China First’ Policy

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News Channel, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) ripped President Joe Biden’s foreign policy as he weighs cutting tariffs on Chinese goods.

Blackburn told FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that Biden was conducting a “China First” policy and questioned if his son, Hunter, was handling the negotiations. She warned President Biden’s China policy was a “national security issue.”

“Why does Joe Biden continue to support policies that embolden the Chinese Communist Party and the axis of evil?” Blackburn asked.
“I was visiting with a Tennessee wire manufacturer this week; I said, ‘Hey, did the tariffs help or hurt?’ They said, ‘Marsha, it keeps China from dumping into the U.S.,'” she added. “You have to keep those. And secondly, sending 5 million barrels of oil — China getting a million barrels of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Maria, this is dangerous.

Source: Breitbart
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