Bill Maher to Woke Mob Targets: 'Stop Apologizing' to These 'Cringey Bullies'

A follow-up on our post from last week, which highlighted the hard Left turning on some of its longtime showbiz idols over various transgressions against wokeness. The episode that inspired our post was Jon Stewart's buzzworthy appearance on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert, during which the former "Daily Show" host punctured the absurdity of the disintegrating elite "Consensus" that the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis was "debunked," a "conspiracy theory," and even racist. Legions of Very Online so-called progressives have excoriated Stewart for straying from their obsolete tribal talking points, fuming that he's become a dangerous right-wing conspiracy monger. Of course, what is actually dangerous is a news media and scientific establishment that refused to entertain the lab leak theory because it was associated with a politician they didn't like. Journalists abandoned journalism and scientists abandoned science because of Donald Trump – a shocking and outrageous dereliction, especially given the stakes.

This is a scandal. An entirely plausible and viable theory (for reasons witheringly raised by Stewart) about the origins of a virus that has killed millions of people worldwide, and more than 600,000 Americans, was simply deemed verboten for political reasons. There is no excuse for that. Journalists and scientists often lament insufficient levels of public trust in their institutions, yet public figures who asked reasonable questions about the Wuhan lab were roundly and thunderously blasted as peddling "misinformation" and tech companies aggressively censored similar content. 

Source: Townhall
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