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Die-hard Bernie voters are still #NeverHillary

For Hillary Clinton supporters hoping the DNC could help heal the division in the party and convince #BernieorBust people to start tweeting #ImWithHer, several trends show they’re still refusing to back the Democratic nominee...  Read more

Trump: 'I'm afraid the election is going to be rigged'

"I'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, I have to be honest," Donald Trump told supporters during a mid-afternoon rally in Columbus, Ohio...  Read more

Assange: WikiLeaks has more Clinton campaign material

The founder of the WikiLeaks confirmed Monday that his group has more material on Hillary Clinton, and that he's looking to "publish it in batches" over the coming weeks...  Read more

A Tale of Two Conventions

How did it get to this point?...  Read more

CAIR prodding Muslim women to speak out against Trump

A group is asking Muslim women to tweet in response to Donald Trump's remark about DNC speaker Khizr Khan's wife...  Read more

Ryan, McConnell supportive of Khans in flap with Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell laud 'sacrifice' of Muslim couple whose Army son died in Iraq...  Read more

Mark Cuban endorses Hillary Clinton, calls Trump a ‘jagoff’

While Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban has held off until now from endorsing a candidate, he didn’t hold back after endorsing Hillary Clinton and referring to Donald Trump as a “jagoff” and having gone “batsh*t crazy.”...  Read more

The DNC mistake that could cause a Trump bump in the polls

Throughout the Democratic National Convention, Democratic leaders emphasized a clear contrast between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that may actually end up benefitting the Republican nominee...  Read more

The Other Left-Wing Convention

As I filed into the Friends Center—the self-declared "Quaker Hub for Peace and Justice in Philadelphia"—on Wednesday evening, I was struck with an instant feeling of familiarity...  Read more

Clinton misuses image of a Muslim Bernie delegate: She’s not happy, tweets #StillSanders

Hillary Clinton’s campaign got called out for using a picture of a woman weeping at the Democratic National Convention with the tag line “we made history.” It turns out though that the delegate was crying for Bernie Sanders’ speech...  Read more

Poll: If young voters stay home, Hillary loses

Pundits from all sides of the aisle have been saying that the youth vote could mean defeat for Hillary Clinton, an idea furthered by a recent MobOpinions/VoterLabs poll...  Read more

Trump attacks give Clinton an opening to hit back on national security

The Clinton campaign, citing Trump's often-expressed fondness for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, has since suggested that Moscow was behind the DNC hack in an effort to boost Trump's candidacy...  Read more

Clinton: 'We'll fix it together,' not with Trump

Hillary Clinton rejected Donald Trump's vision of American decline Thursday night, as she accepted the Democratic presidential nomination...  Read more

Democrats Skeptical About U.S.-Russia Cooperation in Syria After DNC Hack

Democratic senators are urging caution as the Obama administration seeks to enhance cooperation with Russia in Syria, amid revelations that the Kremlin may have been behind a hack of the Democratic party's computer servers...  Read more

Economists: Minimum wage hikes could lead to more crime, youth joblessness

If Bernie Sanders and other champions of the Democratic Party platform truly want to improve the socio-economic status of Americans, they may want to rethink their call for a $15 minimum wage...  Read more

15% swing among millennials boosts Trump

In just one week, millennial support for Hillary Clinton has fallen significantly and support has risen for Donald Trump — in one of polls that is usually more favorable to Clinton...  Read more

Biden: 'I know Hillary'

"We cannot elect a man who exploits our fear of ISIS and other terrorists, who has no plan whatsoever to make us safer," Joe Biden said...  Read more

Obama: Hillary 'never quits'

President Obama made the case for Hillary Clinton as a commander in chief to lead the U.S. at a tumultuous time of terror threats at home and abroad...  Read more