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Donald Trump Cannot Save Our Republic

With the election now a virtual dead heat, conservative opponents to Donald Trump have never faced greater pressure to support him...  Read more

Charlotte violence sparks self defense gun buying spree

The explosion of racial violence in Charlotte, N.C. has led to a gun buying spree by locals worried about their safety...  Read more

Americans already hate the next president

There are overwhelmingly negative public views toward the two major party candidates...  Read more

Gary Johnson getting the Bernie Sanders treatment

Back when Bernie Sanders was the 74-year old thorn in the side of Hillary Clint0n, his supporters (and even Donald Trump) continuously called out and protested the DNC for tilting the scales in favor of Clinton during the Democratic primaries...  Read more

Liberals freak that millennials are voting for Johnson

Liberals are beginning to hit the panic button on the 2016 election, fearing that Gary Johnson is siphoning off millennials and Bernie Sanders supporters from Hillary Clinton...  Read more

Bibi Takes His Case Against a Palestinian State To the Internet

It could have been worse for Israel Tuesday—much worse—with Barack Obama's last speech at the United Nations General Assembly...  Read more

Black voters start to sway from Clinton to Trump

Donald Trump is making his pitch to black voters. Again...  Read more

Millennials are wrong: Hillary is more war-prone than Trump

Millennials are a divided generation; those over 30 remember the world before the war on terror, while younger millennials have a hard time remembering when the nation was not at war...  Read more

Ted Cruz praises Donald Trump in tweet

Ted Cruz tweeted his appreciation of a statement put out by the Trump campaign regarding control of the Internet...  Read more

What happens to the Democratic Party if Hillary loses?

There's been lots of speculation about the fate of the Republican Party if (as most of the prognosticators expect and hope) Donald Trump loses...  Read more

Is Hillary In Danger of Pulling a Dukakis?

Hillary Clinton has been putting herself forward as the carefully reasoned candidate, behaving in calm contrast to the shoot-from-the-hip (and often shoot-in-the-foot) emotionalism of Donald Trump...  Read more

Clinton gave State Department appointments to 194 donors

Hillary Clinton placed dozens of her donors on State Department advisory boards between 2009 and 2012, federal records show...  Read more

GOP subpoenas FBI to turn over Clinton email docs

Lamar Smith asked James Comey for the documents in a Sept. 9 letter, but then issued the subpoena after Comey failed to comply with the request...  Read more

After Tulsa: Time for GOP to champion police reforms

It’s possible for Republicans and conservatives to both defend America’s law enforcement community and to champion law enforcement reforms — and it needs to happen now. It needed to happen years ago...  Read more

Black millennials don’t support Hillary nearly as much as older generations

Red Alert Politics was reporting on Hillary Clinton’s struggle with millennials for months before it became mainstream news, but we may not have emphasized that the Democratic nominee is disliked by all groups of Generation Y...  Read more

The Wells Fargo Case: This is Consumer Protection?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wasn't the hero; they were asleep at the wheel...  Read more

Trump surge due to millennials leaving Hillary

Even the most bullish Clinton pollsters and analysts are agreeing that Donald Trump is surging, and it’s partly due to millennials refusal to support the Democratic nominee...  Read more

Clinton’s new millennial strategy is hilariously dumb

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including her VP pick Sen. Tim Kaine, have finally admitted what Red Alert has been writing for months: Clinton has a massive millennial problem...  Read more