YAF releases ‘Top 10 PC Campus Offenses of 2015’

2015 has been the year of political correctness on campus. If we never heard the phrases “safe space,” “cultural appropriation,” or “micro-aggression” ever again, the world would be a better place.

Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Fortunately, Young America’s Foundation is fighting back on campus.

Young America’s Foundation just released an interactive ‘Top 10 PC Campus Offenses of 2015,” and this list shows why we need young conservatives active on campuses. Here’s their list (YAF has longer explanations with videos of each offense here):

10. American University Instructs Students to Introduce Themselves by “Gender Pronoun” at Orientation, UTK Issues Bizarre Pronoun Guide
9. Duke University Broadcasts Muslim Call to Prayer
8. Students Vote to Remove Chick Fil A From Campus
7. High School Principle Seizes Mic to Dismiss Students During YAF Lecture, Says Shapiro “Crossed a Line”
6. University of California Board of Regents Considers Restrictive Speech Code
5. Christina Hoff Sommers’ Speech Combated with ‘Safe Spaces’
4. GW YAF Threatened with Defunding, Called Violent and Hateful for Resisting Sensitivity Training
3. American Sniper Screening Canceled for ‘Islamaphobia’
2. Yale Students Riot Over Halloween Email
1. Mizzou Turned Upside Down Over Questionable Accusations of Racism, Black Conservative Called ‘Uncle Tom’

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