Putin: “The world knows this is political persecution against Trump”

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave remarks about the sham guilty verdict against former President Donald J. Trump.

Russian state media television network, RT, originally published the video to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. It's worth noting that the official account's cover photo says, "FREEDOM OVER CENSORSHIP, TRUTH OVER NARRATIVE."


“All around the world It is obvious that this persecution of Trump, especially the charges in court, all of this is just using the judicial system for internal political struggle. It is obvious for the entire world that."

Putin continued, "We all saw when the verdict came that Trump’s rating increased by six percent and his donation campaign became more successful."

"People in the U.S. do not believe the court system, they know that they have political [motives]."

The Russian President then added, "The current administration is making one mistake after the other.”

His comments reflect views of other world leaders, including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and others.

President Trump and President Putin had a positive working relationship on the world stage.

It is clear that other countries would welcome another Trump administration in January 2025.
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