Mike Rowe’s epic response to Bernie Sanders’ ‘college or jail’ tweet

Bernie Sanders has received quite the flack for his tweet suggesting that those who don’t go to college are on “a path to jail.” Sanders also issued a similar Facebook post.

The day after such posts, TV personality Mike Rowe issued a clever and thorough response, “Off the Wall.” His accompanying image is also no less brilliant.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the post has close to 61,500 shares and over 121,000 likes.

Rowe was charitable at times, suggesting that “maybe the 140 character limit has doomed him to be misunderstood or taken out of context.” Nevertheless, he did issue criticisms, including:

Is it possible that Senator Sanders doesn’t realize the number of college graduates with criminal records? Is he unaware of the millions of successful tradespeople and entrepreneurs who didn’t pay for a sheepskin, but somehow managed to stay of the clink? Does he not recognize that comments like his will encourage more kids who are better suited for an alternative path to borrow vast sums of money they’ll never be able to pay back in order to pay for a degree that won’t get them a job?

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