Maxine Waters', Biden’s pre-Chauvin verdict comments come under scrutiny as defense eyes appeal

Derek Chauvin's murder conviction was met with widespread approval among those seeking justice for George Floyd, but the trial's outcome may not be set in stone thanks to remarks from influential political leaders such as Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and President Biden himself.

Waters, who had visited Minnesota before the verdict was announced, said that if Chauvin is not convicted of murder, protesters should "stay in the street," "get more active," and "get more confrontational." In a New York Post op-ed, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy warned that this alone would be grounds for appeal.

"Because of her, this isn’t over," McCarthy wrote. 

McCarthy said that Waters, who represents California, went to Minnesota "to interfere in its judicial system" in violation of a curfew. He argued that "her remarks can only be interpreted as an incitement to violence" and that she "ought to be under investigation."

Source: Fox News