Knife fight: Trump ad asks if Carson is a 'violent criminal or pathological liar'

Donald Trump hit Ben Carson in a new Instagram ad, in which he wondered if his fellow GOP front-runner is a "violent criminal" or a "pathological liar."

The ad, released in honor of Friday the 13th, features an old Carson interview where he describes an incident in his childhood when he tried to stab someone in the abdomen. The Carson clip is followed by a clip of an old neighbor of his who said he never knew Carson to be that violent of a person.

Directly following, Trump's team asks whether or not Carson is a "violent criminal or a pathological liar," adding that "we don't need either as president."

Spooky music plays throughout the ad, playing off Friday being Friday the 13th.

The knife incidient is a seminal part of Carson's inspiring life story about how he turned himself around through faith to become a successful neurosergeon, but recent reporting has raised questions about details of the story, and Trump has seized on the controversy. The latest attack comes one day after Trump took issue with the former neurosurgeon's "pathological" temper, which he compared to that of a child molester, claiming it couldn't be cured. He made the comments in an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett Wednesday evening, and then followed up with a tirade during a Thursday night Iowa rally.
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