Hillary: Campaign 'Is Incredibly Demanding and Exhausting'

Hillary Clinton may be low-energy. In an interview last night with NBC's Seth Meyers, Clinton admitted that the campaign "is incredibly demanding and exhausting."

"I'm so happy you're here," said Meyers. "You look wonderful, you look well rested -- and I can't understand how that's the case."

"Yeah, that's an optical illusion," Clinton said with a laugh.When asked about the campaign, Clinton said, "I think that they are really hard. You won't get an argument from me about that. It is incredibly demanding and exhausting -- in every way you can imagine," said Clinton. "But I do have fun. I do have a good time out there. And it's usually because something funny will happen, somebody will say something, or I will meet a person out there on a rope line, at an event, and you just get a connection. And it really does have its moments. So, I try to hang on to those moments, because they are outnumbered by just the sheer demands that go with it."

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