DNC Accidentally Schedules Debate On Busy Weekend

Unfortunately for the Democratic National Committee and its chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this Saturday's Democratic presidential debate seems to conflict with some other events that are likely to prevent many people from watching:
  • People may be less likely to watch the debate on a Saturday night, when they're preoccupied with holiday parties or other weekend fun.
  • It's the weekend before Christmas, so families are likely to be finishing their Christmas shopping. It's also the first day of Christmas vacation for many people.
  • The new Star Wars movie is released one day before the debate, so some people will be watching the latest of the iconic series.
  • The Jets play the Cowboys in a rare Saturday night game.
The DNC surely couldn't have expected the release of a major movie during a Christmas season weekend, that people have better things to do on Saturday nights, or that people would be behind on their Christmas shopping? And it isn't like the NFL schedule is released months ahead of time?
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