BREAKING: Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen admits he stole from the Trump Organization

We're kicking off May 20, 2024, with a flurry of news stories around the world.

On Monday morning during former President Trump's sham hush money trial in Manhattan, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen admitted to stealing thousands of dollars from the Trump Organization.

NBC News reports: "During the New York hush money trial, Michael Cohen admitted to stealing from the Trump Organization as a lawyer for former President Trump questioned him about only paying Red Finch $20,000 of the $30,000 Cohen had taken."

Eric Trump posted to X: "This just got interesting: Michael Cohen is now admitting to stealing money from our company."
Reporter Collin Rugg detailed the exchange:

JUST IN: ‘Star witness’ Michael Cohen admits he stole $30,000 from the Trump Organization while getting questioned by Trump’s attorney. Witch hunt.

Cohen said he requested $50k for IT services when the services were only $20k.

Attorney: “You stole from the Trump Organization, correct?”

Cohen: “Yes, sir.” Attorney: “Did you ever have to plead guilty to larceny?”

Cohen: “No sir.”

Earlier today in this morning's proceedings, Gateway Pundit contributor and legal scholar Paul Ingrassia wrote in a post on X:

"Judge Merchan is extremely limiting the scope of what the Defense expert witness can testify to.

The defense is attempting to bring a former commissioner from the FEC, who happens to also be a lawyer, as their expert to the witness stand, presumably to ask and clarify for the jury, in part, why this case has not been preempted (or 'barred') by federal law, since this case is, after all, allegedly a federal election law violation.

Judge Merchan is not allowing the Defense to clarify the meanings of technical legal jargon for the jury.

He seems to not be allowing them to read statutes or ask statute-related questions, or ask about how the law has been previously interpreted by other courts.

Merchan is attempting to restrict the direct examination to very general questions, and it's obvious why: this case should not be in state court at all! If the law was being fairly applied, this case would not have gotten off the ground in the first place!"

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